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OW Lee Fire Pit Buying Guide (Infographic)

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Tue, Aug 02, 2016 @ 10:19 AM

I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say:

Fire is not just warm and comforting, it's completely mesmerizing...

Which is why the world's most inviting, relaxing outdoor spaces use fire and fire accessories to create more comfort and beauty.

One of our favorite ways to use fire in our clients' backyards is to use fire is OW Lee's fantastic line of gas fire pits. 

So we teamed up with our friend's at Patiolo to create this helpful fire pit buying guide infographic which will show you all of OW Lee's fire pit shapes, heights, styles, colors and more so you can find the perfect match.


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Elegant Outdoor Furniture Collections by Hanamint

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Thu, Sep 04, 2014 @ 03:57 PM


When it comes to creativity in design, Hanamint has been leading the way for over 20 years. This has only been made possible by placing their focus on providing the best quality, style and value in outdoor furniture.

A big part of Hanamint's creativity comes from their pursuit of the most innovative designers and talented craftsmen in furniture fashion

Take a look at Hanamint's top outdoor furniture collections and see how their commitment to quality and outstanding craftsmanship sets them apart.



Hanamint Bella Collection

Style: Elegant an intricate multi-pattern detail

Furniture Types: Dining & Bar

Available Options: Chair, Swivel Rocker, Swivel Stool & Chaise Lounge

Favorite Feature: An inlaid lazy susan table

Because It's Hanamint: 8-step powder-painted factory finish is available in a variety of colors



Hanamint Birkshire Collection

Hanamint Birkshire Collection

Style: Old world style with a criss-crossed radius interior detail and a wide embossed pattern border

Furniture Types: Dining, Bar, & Deep Seating

Available Options: Chair, Swivel Rocker, Swivel Stool, Chaise Lounge, Bench, Swivel Glider, love seat, love seat Glider, Sofa & Ottoman

Favorite Feature: Pedestal bar table with umbrella stand

Because It's Hanamint: Arms and frames have all been cast from durable, lightweight aluminum


See more featured Outdoor Furniture Collections by Hanamint >


Central Park

Hanamint Central Park Collection

Style: Upscale traditional, designed for more intimate settings

Furniture Types: Dining

Available Options: Chair, Swivel Rocker & Chaise Lounge

Favorite Feature: Unique dining chairs with matching chaise lounge

Because It's Hanamint: A wide variety of durable and weather resistant outdoor fabrics are available from Hanamint



Hanamint Mayfair Collection

Hanamint Mayfair Collection

Style: Luxury euro-traditional accents

Furniture Types: Dining, Bar & Deep Seating

Available Options: Chair, Swivel Rocker, Swivel Stool, Chaise Lounge, Bench, Club Chair, Swivel Glider, Sofa & Ottoman

Favorite Feature: Oval, gas fire pit

Because It's Hanamint: Virgin polyvinyl with UV and anti-fungal inhibitors are used for all strapping and lace



Hanamint Newport Collection

Hanamint Newport Collection

Style: Criss-crossed deep banding with an embossed detail

Furniture Types: Dining, Bar & Deep Seating

Available Options: Chair, Swivel Rocker, Swivel Stool, Chaise Lounge, Bench, Club Swivel Glider, love seat, Sofa & Ottoman

Favorite Feature: An 82 inch party bar

Because It's Hanamint: Collections have compliment accessories available like fire pits, ice buckets, and party bars


See more featured Outdoor Furniture Collections by Hanamint >


St. Augustine

Hanamint St. Augustine Collection

Hanamint St. Augustine Collection

Hanamint St. Augustine Collection

Style: Euro-traditional design with intricate multi-pattern detail

Furniture Types: Dining, Deep Seating, & Sling

Available Options: Chair, Swivel Rocker, Swivel Stool, Chaise Lounge, Bench, Swivel Glider, love seat, Sofa & Ottoman

Favorite Feature: St. Augustine frame swing

Because It's Hanamint: Only the finest outdoor fabrics with weather and fade resistant yarns are offered


St. Moritz

Hanamint St. Mortiz Collection

Hanamint St. Mortiz Collection

Style: An elegant embossed solid surface

Furniture Types: Dining & Deep Seating

Available Options: Chair, Swivel Rocker, Swivel Stool, Chaise Lounge, Double Glider, Swivel Glider, love seat, Sofa & Ottoman

Favorite Feature: Round umbrella chat table

Because It's Hanamint: All frames enter a two-step powder coating booth, and endure 400°F of heat to deliver long lasting durability


See more featured Outdoor Furniture Collections by Hanamint >



Hanamint Sherwood Collection

Hanamint Sherwood Collection

Style: A contemporary flat slat design

Furniture Types: Dining & Deep Seating

Available Options: Chair, Swivel Rocker, Swivel Stool, Chaise Lounge, Club Chair, Swivel Glider, Sofa & Ottoman

Favorite Feature: Towel Rack

Because It's Hanamint: Cushions and slings used are manufactured at the Hanamint facility



Grand Tuscany

Hanamint Grand Tuscany Collection

Hanamint Grand Tuscany Collection

Style: A traditional look with intricately detailed scrolls

Furniture Types: Dining & Deep Seating

Available Options: Chair, Swivel Rocker, Swivel Stool, Chaise Lounge, Double Chaise Lounge, Bench, Double Glider, Swivel Glider, love seat, Sofa & Ottoman

Favorite Feature: Tea cart

Because It's Hanamint: Hanamint's quality oriented manufacturing systems have been implemented to insure the best possible product every step of the way


What To Remember

  1. Quality - Making quality products is what Hanamint strives for and their furniture speaks for itself. With industry leading durability standards and an 8-step finishing process, mother nature will not be an issue.

  2. Accessories - Hanamint has plenty of accessory options to choose from that can perfectly compliment your outdoor space. From fire pits, ice-buckets, tea carts, lazy susan's, storage boxes, trash receptacles and swings, Hanamint has a wide variety of ways to upgrade your backyard.

  3. Gliders - The most interesting piece that Hanamint offers in most of their sets is the glider. The glider comes in either a single seat or a double love seat option. What makes the glider so special is the freedom of movement that goes beyond the basic swivel options you usually see.


    Don't forget to check out More Hanamint Outdoor Furniture and also, take a look at this Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide for expert advice before you visit a showroom.


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Tropitone Outdoor Furniture & Collections

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Mon, Aug 11, 2014 @ 06:50 PM


For over 60 years Tropitone has been one of the leading designers and manufacturers of both residential and commercial outdoor furniture. Because of their outstanding craftsmanship and modern design, they have earned their reputation as one of the premier outdoor furniture brands.

Tropitone has one of the widest selections of outdoor patio furniture styles, finishes, colors and fabrics. Therefore, making the task of finding elegant, comfortable furniture to fit your lifestyle is both simple and affordable.

Tropitone is known around the world for furnishing hotels, resorts and commercial businesses with a unique contemporary style. 

Tropitone  the outdoor furniture market by creating luxurious but traditional outdoor furniture. Tropitone's outdoor furniture collections radiate modern style and give life to any outdoor space.   

Tropitone Outdoor FurnitureTropitone Outdoor Furniture 

See more urban, stylish and contemporary Tropitone Outdoor Furniture Collections Here.


Tropitone Outdoor Dining Collections

More and more homeowners are creating outdoor areas to cook, eat and entertain right in their backyard. An all in one outdoor kitchen and dining area to share with friends and family. Choosing an outdoor dining set can give you the space you need to eat with or entertain guests.

Choosing the right dining set that matches your style and gives you the comfort you want in outdoor furniture is where the tricky part comes in. 

Tropitone's outdoor dining collections gives you many options to choose from when it comes to building your ideal outside dining area. 

First, choose from an expansive collection of durable and hand finished tops that are ideal for any outdoor environment or climate. Ranging from glass tops to aluminum tables, Tropitone's dining tables are all built to endure years and years of use and weather. 

Next, choose which style dining chair to match your dining table. Tropitone has hundreds of different cushions with unique fabrics, patterns and colors to match any outdoor area. For higher comfort levels make sure to look for Tropitone's thick dining cushions. 

Tropitone Dining Sets


Tropitone Outdoor Bar Stools

Regular and swivel bar stools are growing in popularity as more and more people adopt an outdoor living lifestyle and build luxurious outdoor rooms. Outdoor kitchens and bars are being built in backyards all over Southern California.

Tropitone bar stools do not take up much floor space and are a staple in the hospitality and commercial industries. Patio furniture at the bar creates an environment for socializing and entertaining

Tropitone outdoor bar stools are built with durable materials strong enough to handle the harshest climates and even constant wear and tear by guests at a resort or at your home.  

Tropitone builds a wide range of durable bar stools in a variety of heights, designs and styles so you can match to the architecture of your home. 

Tropitone Bar Stools  


Tropitone Chaise Lounges

Tropitone chaise lounge collections come in a variety of shapes, materials, colors and fabrics to match any outdoor space. Tropitone carries over 30 different styles of outdoor chaises while continuing to design new features and styles to enhance the appeal of backyards and business around the world. 

Outdoor chaise lounges that are stackable and easy to maintain are a pool or patio must for hospitality and commercial businesses. Providing comfort to guests lounging by the pool, resort or balcony enhances their experience.  If it is outside there is a space that could be furnished. 

Tropitone Chaise Lounges


Tropitone Fire Collection

"Fire pits are quickly becoming one of the most popular items in backyards all over Southern California." -Doug Sanicola

There are a few reasons fire pits are becoming so popular. Whether it's catching up with friends or roasting marshmallows with family, fire pits create a social and comfortable environment to keep the party going all night. 

Secondly, all of the Tropitone's fire pit collection is fueled by either natural gas or propane. This provides for an affordable and clean burn. There is no more need to clean up of ash or wash the smoke scent out of your clothes when your done.   

The Tropitone fire collection has all the features, styles and colors to create a warm and comfortable outdoor space that matches your home. Tropitone outdoor fire pits are known for their simple elegant design, quality and consistent reliability.  

Tropitone Fire Pits


Commercial Outdoor Furniture by Tropitone

Since 1950 Tropitone has been working to furnish outdoor spaces at hotels, resorts, clubs, cruise ships, restaurants and many other business all over the world. Tropitone has been creating outdoor entertainment spaces for over 60 years and it is difficult to find anyone doing it better.  

Tropitone prides themselves on the continuous innovative design and craftsmanship of luxury outdoor furniture in the commercial industryTropitone specially designs commercial outdoor furniture products to furnish outdoor spaces like balconies, dining areas, VIP spaces, poolside lounges and gardens.

Their complete collection of commercial outdoor furniture includes dinning tables & chairs, cabanas, lounge chairs, umbrellas & shade, bar stools, and many more patio collections.


Outdoor Dining & Entertainment Spaces Furnished by Tropitone

Dining and entertainment businesses know it is more important than ever to keep up with modern styles and trends. People enjoy being out and around people but prefer to stay in their social circles, making sectional couches very popular in contemporary restaurants or night lounges.  

Tropitone Dining Furniture

Tropitone Outdoor Furniture


Hotels and Resorts Furnished by Tropitone

Many people will choose to stay or not stay at a resort or hotel based on the condition of it's pool or outdoor spaces. Having comfortable and quality outdoor furniture, especially at warm weather destinations where guests prefer to spend time outside, is essential. 

Around the world you can find hotels and resorts furnished by Tropitone. 

With the inevitable wear and tear from constant year round use, it's important to invest in quality outdoor furniture. 

Tropitone Hotel Pool Furniture

Exceed your guests expectations with Outdoor Elegance's Full Service Hospitallity Program.


Tropitone Featured Collection | The Cabana Collection

The Cabana collection is displayed in many prestigious commercial locations and luxurious residential living areas around the world. Known for its modern sleek style and distinct design the Cabana collection offers prime seating around any pool patio or outdoor entertainment area.

The most popular outdoor sectional lounges creates a comfortable, social and VIP atmosphere for the guest to relax in even the smallest outdoor spaces.     

Tropitone Outdoor Furniture

See more featured Tropitone Outdoor Furniture Collections by Click Here.


Tropitone Tips To Remember...

  1. Tropitone has one of the widest collections of outdoor furniture styles, fabrics and outdoor products to choose from in the casual living industry.

  2. Expertly designed to fit any commercial outdoor space. Tropitone has hundreds of styles and collections to bring any outdoor or indoor space to life.

  3. The key to buying outdoor furniture is to invest in quality outdoor furniture. It must hold up against year round wear and tear from weather or consistent use. 


Don't forget to check out More Tropitone Furniture and also, take a look at this Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide for expert advice before you visit a showroom.


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Luxury Outdoor Furniture From Century Furniture

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Fri, Jun 20, 2014 @ 12:04 PM


Luxury Outdoor Furniture From Century Furniture

Century Furniture is amongst the largest privately owned manufactures of luxury outdoor furniture. Because of their outstanding craftsmanship and high-end design, they have earned their reputation as one of the premier outdoor furniture brands.

Recognized in the industry as a trend-setter of design, Century is has been on the forefront of finishing expertise and the details of fine craftsmanship since 1947. 

Century furniture strives to partner with the most innovative and talented designers in the furniture fashion industry. Every designer has brought their own unique elegance to each piece of furniture they create.

Take a look at Century's top outdoor furniture designers along with the choice collections they have designed.


The Richard Frinier Collections

Richard Frinier is Century's most experienced and highly regarded outdoor furniture designer. His travel-inspired designs give the freedom to create some truly extraordinary outdoor spaces with the look and feel of a luxury resort.

These award winning furniture collections are known for their versatility and can be used for casual and high-use outdoor spaces, not to mention a variety of Sunbrella brand fabrics designed by Richard himself.

Take a look at some of Richard Frinier's best collections


Andalusia Collection From Century Furniture By Richard Frinier

  • Spanish-Mediterranean design, with sand-cast aluminum frames giving a hand forged appearance

  • Finished with a weather-resistant, multi step powder coat

  • Classic architectural ironwork and decorative balustrades


Archipelago Collection From Century Furniture By Richard Frinier

  • British and Dutch Colonial shutter back styling

  • Crafted from an unusually strong variety of teak wood

  • Turned and reeded legs which feature V grooving and rosettes


Denpasar Collection From Century Furniture By Richard Frinier

  • Exotic design styling with elements found in the Indonesian Colonial period

  • Hand and machine-formed, powder coated aluminum frame

  • Upholstered with hand-woven Hularo brand synthetic weaving fiber


Orient Collection From Century Furniture By Richard Frinier

  • Chinese Chippendale period design elements with gorgeous fret and lattice work

  • Uniquely crafted framework made from real bamboo cast in aluminum

  • Authentic romantic design with a rich, faux turtle shell finish

Check out more collections from Century ->




The Bunny Williams Collections

Century furniture designer, Bunny Williams, has over 40 years in furniture design. Her knowledge of the decorative arts and well honed skills as a designer make her a perfect fit with Century's design team. Her work is rregularly featured in top design magazines around the world, in newspapers, on television, and in film.

Engineered to perform beautifully for year-round outdoor exposure, the outdoor collections by Bunny Williams yield a unique design with a familiar feel.

Take a look at some of Bunny Williams' best collections.


Litchfield Collection From Century Furniture By Richard Frinier

  • Raw teak wood is used on these pieces for a solid, gorgeous design

  • Turned and reeded legs that accent the unique back styling

  • Cocktail and dining tables featuring sleek, high-end engineering


Tidewater Collection From Century Furniture By Richard Frinier

  • Hand woven resin in two unique weave patterns features a subtle two-tone warm brown color way called Truffle

  • Frames are constructed of powder coated aluminum for durability

  • High-resiliency foam core Driluxe brand cushions that have been constructed with a water-repellent cover

Check out more collections from Century ->



The Oscar de la Renta Collections

Dominican Republic native, Oscar de la Renta, has over 40 years experience working with designers all around the world including Madrid and Paris. Now part of Century's team of elite outdoor designers, Oscar has certainly come a long way from his humble roots.

His outdoor collections are designed for freedom of versatility and endurance to stand up to the elements through any season.

Take a look at the Cane collection from Oscar de la Renta.



  • Inspired from the architecture in Punta Cana in the Domenican Republic, the over sized and luxurious design can bring the Caribbean feel to a Southern California backyard

  • Features a mélange of cast stone and faux rattan, showing off the relaxed island living attitude

  • The herringbone and can weaving patterns used are quite labor intensive, but the result is a gorgeous outdoor collection worthy of the standard Century sets

1) Professional Design

Unlike other furniture brands, Century goes above and beyond to recruit the most respected furniture designers to ensure the look and feel furniture is unique and always ahead of the curve.

2) Handcrafted Touch

Each collection has labor-intensive, handcrafted elements that all are cohesively responsible for setting themselves apart from the rest.

3) Premium Quality

Century holds all their furniture to the highest possible standard, from sand-cast aluminum frames to weather-resistant powder coating, Century does everything they can to make sure their furniture can stand up to whatever elements are thrown at it.


Don't forget to check out more Century Furniture and where to find Century collections. Also, take a look at this Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide for expert advice before you visit a showroom.


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Brown Jordan Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Fri, May 30, 2014 @ 01:20 PM


Since 1945, Brown Jordan has been at the forefront of design, innovation and passion for outdoor furniture in the outdoor casual living industry. Starting right here in Pasadena, CA, Brown Jordan truly represents the outdoor California lifestyle. They were the first company to create furniture for full-time outdoor use right here in Southern California. 

Today, Brown Jordan furniture can be recognized around the world providing causal furnishings to residential, hospitality or corporate clients. 

Brown Jordan Collections

Brown Jordan's dedication to outdoor casual living can be seen in the diversity and quality of their outdoor furniture collections. Their patio furniture is comprised of over 30 collections with a wide range of styles and materials.

1) The Aluminum Collection

The Aluminum collection is the largest collection made by Brown Jordan.

The Aluminum collections outdoor furniture is durable enough to stand up to the harshest elements but also is lightweight enough to move the set around any outdoor space easily.

Brown Jordan Patio Furniture

Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture

Featured Aluminum Collections by Brown Jordan

  1. Aegean- Mediterranean style combined with contemporary seating design.

  2. Biarritz- Inspired by European modernist furniture and designed by Micheal Berman.

  3. Coast- Sleek contour integrates straight lines with unique slopes and curves.

  4. Florentine- Inspired by Roman Empire architectural style and 20th century technology.

  5. Parkway- Inspired by the golden era of modernism.

  6. Quantum- A contemporary classic and a leader in the world of casual outdoor furniture.

  7. Savannah- Brings all the romance and graciousness of southern living to outdoor casual living. 

See more of Brown Jordan outdoor furniture collection


2) Cast

The Cast collections by Brown Jordan are made from cast aluminum, resulting in many different intricate styles and designs.

The Cast collection is also considerably less weight then other outdoor furniture iron collections making it easier to move about your backyard.  

Brown Jordan Patio Furniture 

Featured Cast Collections by Brown Jordan

  1. Calcutta II- Featuring cast bamboo patterns all over the collection.

  2. Elegance- Inspired by 18th century French furniture design.

  3. Flight Sling/Woven- Characterized by its simplicity and sophistication.

See more of the Brown Jordan outdoor furniture collection


3) Woven

Perfect for the California climate, Brown Jordan's woven furniture collections do an exceptional job holding up against the elements.

Brown Jordan woven furniture is made of durable and weather-resistant, extruded polyethylene resinweave that has been woven over powder-coated aluminum frames. 

Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture 

Featured Woven Collections by Brown Jordan

  1. Del Mar- Classic contemporary style and new to the Brown Jordan collections.

  2. Fusion- This modern feel blends the cultural elements of European materials, American design and Asian craftsmanship.

  3. Southampton- Inspired by the famous seaside colony known as "The Hamptons."

See more of the Brown Jordan outdoor furniture collection


4) Wood

The Wood collections by Brown Jordan brings a unique style and feel to any outdoor space.

The Coloma collection seen below can be folded up and taken to the park, beach or put away out of sight, making this Brown Jordan outdoor furniture set mobile!

Brown Jordan Wood Furniture 

Featured Wood Collections by Brown Jordan

  1. Coloma- A perfect bistro set for the garden or a lunch for two.

  2. Drift- New teak collection inspires the desire to slow down.

See more of the Brown Jordan outdoor furniture collection 


What did you learn?

  1. Brown Jordan was the first company to make outdoor furniture for full-time outdoor use.

  2. Brown Jordan specializes in the quality, design and innovation of luxury outdoor furniture.

  3. With over 30 outdoor furniture collections, Brown Jordan has something to fit your style and backyard.


Thank you for your interest in Brown Jordan outdoor furniture! Would you like to learn more about casual outdoor living or do you just want to browse more luxury outdoor furniture?

Download your Free copy of The Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide where you can learn everything from what outdoor furniture set is the most durable to free advice from our outdoor furniture experts! 


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Elegant Outdoor Furniture By Jensen Leisure

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Thu, May 01, 2014 @ 01:28 PM

Elegant Outdoor Furniture By Jensen Leisure

Thoughtful Design & Solid Craftsmanship

Jensen truly does an amazing job of designing quality furniture with a bold look. Because of their unique modern design and expert timber craftsmanship, Jensen Leisure Furniture has deservingly received a lot of attention from designers all around the Los Angeles and Orange County area. 

Jensen uses Ipé & Robles wood in their furniture design, to capture the warmth and feeling of the Southern California lifestyle. A distinctive look and attention to detail are elements of what set Jensen Leisure Furniture apart from other outdoor brands. Starting from the forest floor, every detail is inspected till it is patio-ready. 

By using only FSC-Certified wood, Jensen works hard to maintain the long-term well-being of the forests where Ipé comes from. Ipé wood is incredibly strong and dense, with very high wear durability.

A handsome chocolate-brown when new, the strength and durability of Ipé has been long recognized in the deck boards of the historic Solferino Footbridge which crosses the Seine River in central Paris, in the famous boardwalk at Atlantic City, NJ, and in the wood slats in all of the benches at Central Park in New York City.

Outdoor Furniture Sets & Options From Jensen Leisure

Clearly this wood has a tough and sturdy wood design that is made to last. Because quality is such an fundamental element to their furniture, Jensen backs all their products with a five year warranty.

Thoughtful design & solid craftsmenship, those are the words that Jensen Leisure represents.

Let's take a look at the different kinds of furniture arrangements & options From Jensen 

Dining Tables & Chairs

In Southern California, outdoor dining has become an essential part of living the SoCal lifestyle. Taking advantage of the best weather in the world & enjoying great food in your backyard is what it is all about.

Depending on the style of seating, Jensen offers a wide variety of outdoor dining sets in each of their furniture collections. You have stretch dining sets for nice sit down meals with the family or tall bar stool seating to throw back a few drinks with some friends. 

These dining sets feature lots of table space & formal seating arrangements so the whole family can enjoy both good food & good company.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Dining

Lounge Seating & Arrangements

If entertaining & relaxing in your backyard sounds like more your style, then Jensen Leisure lounge sets might be what you are looking for. Perfect for kicking back by the pool or sharing some stories with friends over cigars, these arrangements can make all the difference when it comes to the comfort of your backyard.

Kick back with friends after a swim on a two or three seater sofa. Or if brunch and afternoon tea sounds like a more enjoyable, single chairs & rockers might be what you are looking for.

These lounge sets feature large pillow seating and stout tables with a design focused mainly around comfort & decoration.

Take a look at more furniture from Jensen Leisure

Jensen Leisure Furniture Lounge

Benches & Swings

Jensen makes sharing the SoCal lifestyle with friends & family special, but what about enjoying the intimate comforts of the backyard.

Benches & swings from Jensen can make your garden into a quiet place to get some reading done or a turn a view of the evening sunset into a romantic hangout for two.

There are variety of benches available from Jensen in each of their collections.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Bench

Chaise Lounges & Rockers

Sprawling out & soaking up the California sun is a luxury those around Los Angeles & Orange County get to enjoy almost year round.

Chaise lounges from Jensen have a unique style & distinct look that makes hanging poolside a little more comfortable.

Jensen has a variety of chaise lounges that can match your pool or your favorite collection.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Chaise

Collections by Jensen Leisure

Now that you know the types of furniture sets that Jensen produces, we can take a look at the collections that Jensen has designed. Each collection has it's own unique style & finish so whichever furniture sets or arrangments are picked, they can all have a consistent design & flow.

Most of the collections including Traditional, Opal, & Topaz use the dark Ipé wood. The Argento collection is the only one that uses the white Roble wood. Take a look at the different outdoor furniture collections by Jensen Leisure.


The Traditional collection by Jensen is the original & most popular design. Because it is their first collection, it also has the best selection of different sets & styles than the other collections.

From chaise lounges & bar sets to backyard swings & dining tables, the Traditional collection can cover all the bases of SoCal outdoor living.

This collection has the darkest design of the Ipé wood to highlight that bold, amber look of the Traditional style.

Check out more collections by Jensen Leisure

Jensen Leisure Furniture Traditional Collection


Using the same Ipé wood as the Traditional collection, the Opal collection has a lighter tone & uses bright white accents which blend in with the rich finish of the wood.

The Opal collection has furniture sets for dining, benches, & chaise lounges. However, their leisure sets with large couches & coffee tables are the highlight of the collection.

This collection also has a few unique accessories that can make the most of an outdoor space, such as a decorative table that highlights the dining area or an ottoman to put your legs up.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Opal Collection


The Topaz collection by Jensen Leisure uses a darker finish of the Ipé wood than the Opal collection, but it is probably the most unique. By using a combination of white and teal highlights, this collection is designed to accent the natural setting of a pool or garden.

Although there are no benches in the Topaz collection, their dining seating has widest range of options including formal, swivel & hi dining seating.

If a pool is in the backyard, it is the leisure sets & chaise lounges that are the real keys to the Topaz collection. The white sling of the lounges & the teal pillow seats are flow so well against water, & most importantly they are the comfortable way to soak up the sun after an afternoon swim.

Jensen Leisure Topaz Collection


In the Argento collection by Jensen Leisure, you can tell right away that the white Roble wood design is the feature that sets it apart.

This collection features all the furniture options you would expect including dining seating, benches, and lounge sets plus other pieces including lazy susans, ottomans, and swivel rockers.

The unique look of the Roble wood is very flattering against white cobblestone, but it even has an elegant look against brick and wood. 

Jensen Leisure Furniture Argento Collection

What We Learned

1) SoCal Lifestyle

Through thoughtful design and solid craftsmanshipJensen Leisure furniture uses the distinct look of Ipé & Robles wood, capturing the real feeling of living the Southern California lifestyle.

2) Tons Of Variety

The collections by Jensen Leisure feature a wide variety of furniture sets, arrangements, & accessories including dining tables & chairs, lounge sofas & chat tables, benches, chaise lounges, swings, ottomans and lazy susans.

3) Designed For Comfort

Each collection has been designed around enjoying the comfort of the amazing elements that make up outdoor living & realizing the true potential of an outdoor space.


Don't forget to check out more Jensen Leisure Furniture and where to find Jensen collections. Also, take a look at this Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide for expert advice before you visit a showroom.


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O.W. Lee Outdoor Luxury Furniture

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 @ 12:00 PM


Since 1947, O.W. Lee has been dedicated to the design and production of fine, handcrafted patio furniture.

Manufactured right here in Southern California, O.W. Lee is recognized nationwide as one of the premium names in the outdoor furniture industry.

Artisans combine century-old techniques with state-of-the-art equipment and materials to produce beautiful casual furniture.

The most important thing to remember about outdoor furniture is that it must stand up against the elements. Make sure when you are deciding on outdoor furniture it is made out of quality materials that will last.

These beautiful collections include dinning chairs, bar stools, club chairs, love seats, sectionals, chaise lounges and fire chat pits. O.W. Lee's wide variety of luxury outdoor products makes endless mix and match possibilities. 

O.W. Lee ocean view

O.W. Lee firepit


O.W. Lee's Luxury Outdoor Products


Perfect for balconies, small patios, or an intimate courtyard, a bistro set helps transform any small outdoor space into a relaxing private getaway. 

The O.W. Lee Bistro collection is smaller then their other collections making it much easier to move around your backyard.   

Despite being lightweight, the bistro collection is hand crafted with wrought aluminum or wrought iron materials to ensure quality and maximum lifespan.

Featured Collections

  • Amore

  • Casa

  • Cirque

  • Chalet

  • Mira

  • Sollel

  • Villa

See the full O.W. Lee Bistro collection here

O.W. Lee patio set   


Wrought Iron Collection

The wrought iron collection was designed with quality and comfort in mind.

This collection is founded on strength, durability, and quality craftsmanship, providing lasting luxury outdoor furniture for generations. No kidding, it is not uncommon for parents to gift these beautiful sets to their children after decades of use.  

The wrought iron collection has a sleek modern design while maintaining the quality of hand-crafted wrought iron. 

Featured Collections

  • Avalon

  • Classico

  • Laredo

  • Marquette

  • Monterra

  • Plazzo

  • San Cristobal

  • Silana

See full O.W. Lee Wrought Iron collection here

O.W. Lee outdoor furniture fire place  


Wrought Aluminum Collection

This collection is one of sophistication and comfort designed to bring the luxury of the indoors to outdoor spaces.

These durable, high-grade wrought aluminum frames include iintricate scrolls, hand forged bends and sleek lines throughout the collections.

The wrought aluminum collection has refreshingly simple designs that take any outdoor space and turn it into a gathering place for friends and family that is exceptionally comfortable.

Featured Collections

  • Madison

  • Viento

  • ashbury

  • Gios

  • Lux 30

  • Montrachet

  • Palisades

  • Vista

See the full Wrought Aluminum collection here

O.W. Lee dining table          


Casual Fireside Collection

The Casual Fireside collection quickly becoming one of O.W. Lee's most popular collections of luxury outdoor sets. Many other outdoor fire pit companies attempt to replicate or compete with the O.W. Lee fireside collection with little success.  

When looking to purchase any outdoor furniture product there are three important things to consider.

  1. Quality (will it last)

  2. Reliability (will it turn on)

  3. Comfort (will it fit my backyard)

O.W. Lee has made their name in the fire pit industry by perfecting all three of these categories.

These outdoor chat pits can be personalized with your choice of 12 different fire media options and 10 hearth top designs.

O.W. Lee casual fireside chat pits offer hours of comfort for you, your family and friends.

Featured Collections

  • Aero

  • Santorini

  • Viento

  • Vulsini

See the full Casual Fireside collection here

O.W. Lee fire pit ocean     

O.W. Lee Luxury Outdoor Furniture 

O.W. Lee is consistently setting the bar in the outdoor furniture industry for design and quality. Want to see more O.W. Lee outdoor products? Click Here To See All Full O.W. Lee Collections.


Wondering what other outdoor furniture frames can stand up to the elements? See The 7 Most Durable Outdoor Furniture Frames Here  


What you learned?

  1. Outdoor furniture needs to stand the elements

  2. O.W. Lee designs and crafts dinning chairs, lounge chairs, love seats and of course the causal fireside collection

  3. O.W. Lee is an outdoor furniture industry leader for quality, reliability and comfort



Learn more about outdoor furniture before you buy anything!

Get advice from outdoor furniture experts on the durability of different frames, style options, longest lasting furniture, questions to ask when you are ready to buy and much more!

Download your Free copy of The Outdoor Furniture Buying guide below.   

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Intro to Wood Pellet Grills

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Mon, Mar 24, 2014 @ 11:05 AM

Trying to find the right grill for your backyard?

No doubt you have tried out charcoal and gas grills, but this next type of grill is relatively new to the BBQ world. The wood pellet grills innovative design allows for close to perfect temperature control. 

Here is everything you need to know before you check out a wood pellet grill for yourself.

We will breakdown everything from how a wood pellet grill works, to different temperature controllers, and what are the right questions to ask when looking for a pellet grill.

Take a look and see what makes wood pellet grills the fastest growing type of grill in America.

Memphis Pro Wood Pellet Grill


How Does A Wood Pellet Grill Work?

Cooking with a wood pellet grill gives you precise temperature control and great smoke flavor. Pellet BBQ's work both as a grill or a smoker. 

Wood pellets are naturally shredded wood compacted into a quarter inch size round pellets giving you the natural wood smoke flavor. The small size and consistency of each pellet makes for predictable BTU outputs that gives you unrivaled temperature control. 

Pellets are loaded into a storage bin attached to the grill called the hopper. A corkscrew mechanisim turned by a motor then feeds the pellets into the hot spot area under the cooking grates creating smoke and heat. 

Air is taken in by a fan and blows air to create the a convection oven effect. 

How Wood Pellet Grills Work

Using a wood pellet grill gives you the best of both rival grill categories. With natural wood pellets, it captures the natural wood smoke flavor like using a charcoal grill, but still retains the convenience and simplicity of a gas grill.

Temperature Controllers

The temperature controller is the most important component of a pellet grill.

The controller displays what temperature the grill is set for or what the current temperature is and dispenses the wood pellets accordingly to raise or lower heat output. Sounds easy right?

The biggest difference between wood pellet grills is the kind of temperature controls that different grill brands use. Don't settle for brands with average looking temperature controls. BBQ enthusiasts will tell you that every degree counts so invest in a quality and accurate temperature controller and you will never look back!

Take a look at the some different kinds of temperature controllers to consider


Digital-Custom by Memphis

Memphis Grills builds one of the top temperature controllers on the market.

The Memphis custom made digital control has probes built into the grill that read and measure the actual current temperature. If the temperature is below the set target temperature, the controller dispenses pellets and intakes more air flow to burn hotter.

Memphis Grills designed their own versatile custom controller that is very easy to use and can hold a temp within 5°F which is more accurate than most indoor ovens.

Digital Custom



Why Do People Love Cooking With Wood Pellet Grills?

Memphis friends gathered around


You should consider cooking with a wood pellet grill for five reasons

1. Smoke and Flavor

With no fillers, chemicals or binders  wood pellets inject strong and smoky flavors into the food you are cooking the longer it is on the grill. Wood pellet grills are perfect for long low temperature smoking that makes the meat tender and locks in great smoke flavor. 

2. Set It & Forget It

Regardless if its rain, shine, winter or summer, pellet grills retain and hold the desired set temperature.

Smoke a rack of ribs at a low consistent temperature for hours by simply setting the desired temperature and then kick back till they are done.   

3. Temperature Control

Wood pellet grills have precise temperature control within 5 degrees. That little heat fluctuation rivals many top indoor ovens. This is attributed to the small wood pellets that are dispensed out of the hopper and regulated continuous air flow that burns so consistently.   

4. Easy To Use

Fill the hopper with pellets, set to a desired temperature and throw on the meat! Wood pellet grills make delicious BBQ easy and clean. 

Despite their simplicity, many BBQ pit masters use wood pellet grills to compete and have had great success at various competitions around the country because of the unique natural wood flavor.

5. Clean Up Is Easy

Every 10 pounds of pellets the will produce only a half of a cup of ash. Ash needs to be removed about every 5-10 cooks for best performance. To clean the cooking grates just scrape the top with a metal brush.

Features For Wood Pellet Grills

Many top pellet grills share similar important features. Here are a few to remember when looking for a pellet grill. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel provides superior heat retention and consistent temperatures in all weather conditions. Top wood pellet brands such as Memphis Grills builds all of their grills using stainless steal. 

While other metals start to degrade after being exposed to the elements, stainless steel is durable and easy to clean.  

Convection Fan System

A convection fan is what provides air flow to the burning wood pellets, thus creating its heat. A Convection fan system also helps distribute heat evenly throughout the grill resulting in tender and juicy results. 


Unless you mount your wood pellet grill it will come equipped with wheels. This enables you to move it around your backyard or hide the grill when you are not using it.  

High Capacity Wood Pellet Hopper

The hopper is where you insert the wood pellets. If you slow cook meat for multiple hours, a larger pellet bin would better fit your needs. 


Useful Accessories To Consider

Wood pellet grill accessories upgrade your grills performance and improve your overall barbecue experience. Here are a few pellet grill accessories to consider.

Pellet Type

Wood pellets have different quality and unique flavors. 

Wood Pellet Brands

Pellet Caddy

Keeping your wood pellets dry and away from moisture is very important. If the wood pellets absorb any water they will not burn as effectively making it more difficult to reach high temperatures. 

Power Generator

A mobile power generator lets you take your pellet grill wherever you go. Plug it in and go tailgating, camping, or to community BBQ events and show everyone what your pellet grill is capable of! 

Cooking Tools

Having the right set of tools makes grilling that much more enjoyable.

With the right tools you create a better end result for your food. Something as simple as flipping the steak cleanly to keep seasoning on or a basting brush to sauce the ribs after you turn them makes all the difference.

Covers & Drawers

To increase the lifespan of your grill always cover it when you are not using it. 

Keeping cooking or cleaning tools close by and protected is an overlooked accessory. Storage drawers keep everything you need conveniently outside, saving you the trips running into the house! 


3 Questions to Ask 

1. What is the maximum temperature of a wood pellet grill?

Temperatures range anywhere from 500 degrees to 700 degrees F. Higher quality and larger grills will reach higher temperatures than others. 

It maybe difficult to sear meat with convection temperatures this low, however there are inserts for direct heat searing and 


2. Mobile or Mounted?

Many people who buy a wood pellet grill already have a gas or charcoal grill. BBQ enthusiasts who have multiple types grills often mount them on a BBQ island creating their own versitle outdoor kitchens. 

If you prefer to put the grill on the side yard to save room or store it when not cooking on it, wheels or mobile will better suit your style. 

Remember that wood pellet grills use electricity, keep in mind that you will need access to a power outlet nearby.

3. Can you use any brand of wood pellets?

For best results it is better to use a higher quality of wood pellets. Like a aged steak, the quality usually depends on where you buy it. It is best to look for a local BBQ grill dealer or a place that has extensive knowledge and experience cooking on pellet grills.



What Did You Learn

• Wood pellet grills are made to deliver unique wood smoke flavor 

• There are different temperature controllers but digital temperature control is the current industry leading technology 

• The quality of wood pellets effects the outcome and flavor of the item you cook on the grill

• What features are most important to look for when deciding on a wood pellet grill

• A feature that makes pellet grills unique is the ability to set the temperature and leave it for hours   

Download your free copy of the outdoor kitchen and grill buying guide here!

BBQ Grill Guide

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Charcoal Grills

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Mon, Feb 24, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

Trying to find the right grill for your backyard?

Charcoal grills are a favorite among outdoor BBQ enthusiasts because of the unique flavor and the cooking experience you can only get from cooking with charcoal.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about charcoal grills.

We will breakdown everything from how charcoal grills work, to the different fuel choices and some questions you should ask yourself to help you find your perfect fit.

Take a look and see what has made charcoal grilling a staple in American grilling.

Big Green Egg Kitchen

How Does A Charcoal Grill Work?

Cooking with a charcoal grill takes time and attention to detail.

Charcoal is loaded in the chamber just under the grill grate and is the fuel source. When burned, the charcoal will transform into embers radiating heat up toward the top vent.

Temperature is controlled by adjusting the top or bottom vents allowing more oxygen in or less. More results in a higher temperature and less oxygen to cool it down.

How Charcoal Works


Types Of Charcoal Grills

There are a few types of charcoal grills. Some grills are square, round, or rectangular, some have lids while others do not, and some may or may not have a venting system for heat control.

The majority of charcoal grills fit into these categories.


The ceramic grill is the most versatile and effective type of charcoal grill because the ceramic chamber retains heat and moisture more efficiently than any other charcoal grill option.

Not only can these charcoal grills be used for grilling and smoking, but for baking pizza at 500 degrees as well. This is made possible by the excellent heat retention properties of the ceramic shell that can produce temperatures of up to 750 °F.

The top and bottom air vent control the temperature. Careful attention to the vent system and understanding that adjusting the airflow is key to controlling the temperature. These high quality charcoal grills can be used to cook anything that fits with perfectly even heat distribution.  




Barrel grills are the kind of grill that look like someone sliced a steel barrel in half lengthwise. It's hinges are attached so the top half forms the lid and the bottom half forms the charcoal holding chamber.

The vents that control airflow and temperature are cut into the top and bottom of the barrel. A chimney to control smoke from escaping attaches to the lid.

With the lid closed, heat can then be controlled with vents. Other designs may contain other features such as a smoke box, but the same basic barrel design does not change.

Barrel Grill



The kettle grill is composed of a lid, cooking grid, charcoal grid, lower chamber, venting system, and legs. Some models include an ash catcher pan and wheels. The lower chamber that holds the charcoal is shaped like a kettle, giving the grill its name. 

The key to the kettle grills' cooking abilities is its shape. The kettle design is meant to distribute heat evenly.

When the hood is down on the grill, it prevents flare-ups from dripping grease by controlling oxygen intake, and allows heat to circulate around the food as it cooks. It also holds in flavor-enhancing smoke produced by the dripping grease and smoldering charcoals.


Fuel Choices

There is widely known disagreement among grilling enthusiasts on what type of charcoal is best for grilling. Lump Charcoal or Charcoal Briquettes? 

Lump Charcoal

Lump is charcoal in its most natural form. Lump charcoal is easy to light, produces less ash than standard briquettes and gives you natural smoke flavor when you cook with it.  

Lump Charcoal also is very responsive to oxygen, making it easier to control temperatures. Lump contains no chemicals or fillers to help light up or burn longer.

In the end, lump charcoal is easier to light, burns hotter and is a cleaner option than other standard charcoal briquettes.

Big Green Egg Lump Charcoal


Charcoal Briquettes

Charcoal briquettes have been compared to by users as the fast food of charcoal.

Briquettes emphasizes uniformity in size, burn length, and light up easy. However, some of the chemicals used to create those characteristics are hazardous to your health during the early burning stages.

It is important to wait until you see ash on the top of the briquettes before placing any food on the grill. 

Charcoal Briquettes


Why People Love Cooking With Charcoal

Considering a charcoal grill is a smart idea for five reasons

1. Flavor

When you slow smoke a piece of meat you want to give it plenty of time on the grill so it can absorb all the smoke flavored aromas. Lump charcoal emits stronger smoke aromas and flavors that penetrate the food from every angle. 

2. Portability

Many charcoal grills come pre-equipped with wheel nests or carts and are can be easily lifted of the ground by two people. A bag of charcoal bag thrown in the back of a truck and your off to the game!

3. Temperature Range

Charcoal grills allow you to increase the cooking temperature by adjusting the air vents on the top and bottom of the grill. You can slowly cook a rack of ribs at 225 degrees for four hours or bake a pizza at 500 degrees for 20 minutes! 

4. Easy Maintenance

Charcoal grills are easy to maintain because the mechanisms are not complex. There is a grill grate, a compartment where charcoal is placed and a chamber bellow that collects excess ash. Ash can be easily removed by a shop vacuum, the grill scraped clean and Bam! Clean up is over. 

5. The Culture

This might seem silly to some but not for people who love loading up the charcoal grill to kill a few hours on a hot Saturday afternoon. 

There is an art to fine smoking and grilling that takes experience to understand. Ask any BBQ lover if they regretted any time spent on a perfectly seasoned, seared, smoked and juicy steak.


Features For Charcoal Grills

Consider these features for you charcoal grill. Each one adds convience to you grilling experience and makes your cook out just a little but easier.


Mobile or Mounted

Do you want your charcoal grill mounted near your outdoor kitchen or do you prefer to hide it when you are not using it? Many charcoal grills will come with a set of wheels that may be taken off if needed. 

Plate Setter

Plate setters are a flat piece of ceramic made by Big Green Egg that is placed inside the grill just above the charcoal fire. It keeps direct flames off your food creating a more consistent temperature throughout the interior of the grill. Plate Setter's also allow you to place pizza plates or racks on top to hold ribs.

Plate Setter for Big Green Egg


Cooking in the dark is a recipe for burnt BBQ! A grill light, either attached or free standing, is key for grilling at night. Invest in one and you will thank yourself over and over.

Cast Iron Cook Grids

Cooking grids made of cast iron are extremely durable, easy to clean and also leave that perfect sear mark on your steaks!


V-Racks are used to hold racks of ribs when upright. Flip the rack upside down and it holds roasts or poultry upright.  

V-Rack Ribs Big Green Egg Big Green Egg V-Rack

 See more accessories for the Big Green Egg Charcoal Grill here!

Handy Accessories To Consider

Charcoal grill accessories upgrade your grills performance and improve your overall barbecue experience. These additions include thermometers, charcoal starters, covers and much more.

Grill Accessories


Fire starters that you break off work best so you can strategically place your hot spots evenly. Three evenly spaced, two inch square cubes are enough to get a solid base heat. These fiber blocks burn clean and can get your grill started quickly and safely.


Traditional and digital thermometers can lend a helpful hand to ensure your food is cooked just right to your liking. Click to see a meat and poultry temperature guide.

Cooking tools that make your life easier!

There are many cooking tools that make grilling more convenient and fun.

Many creative tools to consider include, meat claws to shred meat, flavor injectors to add extra flavor inside your food, grid lifters to keep your hands clean, basting brushes, magnetic grill lights, sauce mops, grill rings for jalapeno poppers, artichokes, onions, and more on the grill. 

Covers & Drawers

Protect your grill.  When you are not using it, a grill cover is a necessity to sheild your grill from the elements.

Having a place to keep all your tools protected and conveniently close to the action is important as well. Storage drawers keep your grilling, marinating and cleaning tools right were they need to be, saving you the trip running into the house


3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

1. What size grill do I want?  

It all depends on what your style of cooking is. The bigger the grill you have, the more flexibility you have to cook more items at the same time.

If you like to show off your skills by feeding the whole neighborhood and are a fan of big roasts and racks of ribs bigger is always better! 

Charcoal grills normally range from 120 square inches all the way to 700 square inches.

If you want something to fit for smaller patios or balconies and is able to prepare four burgers or chicken breasts at a time, 177 square inches is a standard size that would suit your needs.

But if you are looking serve up fourteen racks of ribs, twenty-four burgers or a couple of holiday turkeys, you will probably need about 600+ square inches of grill surface space. 

2. Charcoal Briquettes or Lump Charcoal?

If your going for most economical then charcoal briquettes such as Kingsford are the better option. They offer a long and hot burn. 

However, lump charcoal is the overall better choice when you see for yourself how fast it starts up, reacts to oxygen and changes temperature and most of all adds great smoke flavors!

3. What type of Charcoal Grill is the best?

Once again this comes down to personal grilling style. Personally, I prefer a ceramic charcoal grill for a couple reasons. I rarely cook for more than five people so size isn't and issue and the ceramic material is the best at keeping heat in and cold air out giving me better temperature control.

However, if you are love cooking multiple racks of ribs at one time then a barrel grill offers huge surface space. Some people make their own extra large barrel grills specially made for smoking large amounts of meat. 


What Did You Learn

•Why charcoal grills have been a staple for backyard grilling in America for a hundred years. 

 Overall flavor, heat control and quality is what sets charcoal grills apart from competing grills and gives you a great BBQ experience. 

 What features are important when building your charcoal BBQ space.

 Tons of creative tools that can make grilling with charcoal more convenient and fun


Download your free copy of The BBQ Grill Buying Guide! Learn even more about top outdoor grills!


BBQ Grill Guide

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The Professional Outdoor Gas Grill Guide

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Mon, Feb 17, 2014 @ 04:28 PM

A grill should be the center piece of your outdoor kitchen. A gas grill is a device for cooking food by applying heat evenly by leaking gas through outlets, directly bellow the cooking grate.

There are a few varieties of gas grills but majority of them fall into one of two categories, propane or natural gas.

So why are gas grills the top selling type of barbecue in the United States?

In order to understand why they are so popular we must first see how these grills work.  

Viking gas grill island



How Does a Gas Grill Work?

Gas grills are built for convenience, simple to fire up, and easy to maintain.

They either have a button start ignition, or a knob that must be turned and pushed inward to activate the grill starter which ignites a spark near the gas outputs.

Gas supplied from a propane tank or natural gas hose mixes with oxygen above the grill burners and the spark provides just enough heat to start a flame and power up the grill. 


Gas grill burn cycle





Why Are They Popular? 

Gas grills are the top selling barbecue in America for 5 reasons
  1. Convenience, Gas grills heat up to max temperature in minutes and are easy to clean.
  2. Precise Temperature Control,  You can cook different food items at different temperatures at the same time by adjusting the gas output shifting between heat settings in seconds.
  3. Consistency, Gas grills offer heat predictability, consistent burn and an evenly distributed flame. 
  4. Burns Clean, By using natural gas or propane you significantly reduce the levels of carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds released. 
  5. Propane or natural gas is more economical per cook out than charcoal. 



Why do people love gas grills? 

Simply put, gas grilling is clean and quick.

No old Kingsford bag.

No stacking or finding your chimney starter. 

Gas grills heat up to high temperatures in minutes.

You have the ability to grill different items at different heat levels at the same time.

Cooking on charcoal or wood does give you undeniable great taste and a savory smoke flavor but gas grills are a quick fix for those last minute dinners after a long day at work. 

When dinner is over, there's no ash or mess to clean up. Return the setting to off, scrape a metal brush over the cooking grate and clean-up is over. Cooking on gas is all about convenience. 

Family grilling 



Features for gas grills

  • Before you consider features for the grill you want, decide whether you would prefer your gas grill to be permanently mounted or mobile. Is your grill going to be the centerpiece of your backyard or would you prefer not to see it when your not using it?  
  • Gas burners are designed to have an evenly spaced heat distribution, so that there are no hot or cold spots on the surface of the grill.  
  • Cooking grids should be spaced close together so that small food will not fall through while grilling, but still far enough apart that heat can penetrate the cooking surface.
  • Grill hoods come in different sizes and styles. Two popular features of grill hoods include a feather light lift aid and a glass see through window to check on whats cooking!
  • Infrared Burners are used to grill at super high temperatures of 1000 to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Grilling at temperatures that high creates a series of chemical reactions that rapidly take place when proteins and sugars are super heated, also known as searing. This locks in essential juices and adds flavor to your meat.    
  • Grill lights are key for grilling at night. Barbecuing in the dark is a recipe for burnt food. Having a built in lighting feature on your gas grill is very important.
Twin Eagles Gas Grill


            Fire Magic BBQ Island



Important accessories for gas grills


describe the image

Gas grill accessories upgrade your grills performance and improve your overall barbecue experience. These additions include, storage drawers, warming drawers, rotisseries, smoke boxes and much more. 

For example, smoke boxes are filled with wood chips and are attached to or placed inside the grill to create aroma compounds and natural wood smoke flavor. 

Warming drawers keep already cooked food at a warm temperature while you put the finishing touches on those steaks. 

Rotisseries are a cooking appliance that is attachable to your grill with a rotating spit for roasting and barbecuing meat evenly.

Having storage drawers enables you to keep your grill cooking and cleaning tools conveniently outside, saving you the trip running into the house to grab a marinade brush.  

Each plays a role in ensuring maximum performance for your gas grill.

Alfresco Grill Accessories



3 Questions to ask yourself

  1. What are the BTU ratings? BTU means British Thermal Units and tells you how much heat the individual gas grill will generate. Knowing the BTU of the grill will help you to make a more accurate decision based on how much power you would like your gas grill to have.
  2. What size grill do I want? The size of your grill should depend on one thing. Do you need a diversified grill? Meaning, the bigger the grill you have, the more flexibility you have to cook different items at different heat levels at the same time. Gas grills normally range from 30" all the way to 54".
  3. Do I want to move my grill mobile or mounted? Are you trying to build an outdoor kitchen with accessories and appliances built in next to your grill? Or is mobility for your grill more important for your backyard? 



 What You Learned

  • Gas grills heat up to high temperatures in just minutes
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • More burners or surface grilling space means the ability to barbecue different items at various temperatures at the same time. 
  • Important gas grill accessories that enhance your barbecue experience include, smoke boxes, rotisseries, warming boxes and storage drawers.



Click here to see professional outdoor gas grills! 


Download your free copy of BBQ Buying guide here for inspiring outdoor kitchens!


BBQ Grill Guide

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