Before You Entertain.. Decide What Modern Heater Fits Your Patio?

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Are you planning on opening up your doors to family and friends this New Year? Creating spaces for your guests to gather is important for a couple reasons. If you have snacks, drinks and a warm spot to sit down you have accomplished the first step to a great night. Setting the stage for a long night of conversation, laughing and story telling under the star filled California night. Outdoor heaters are designed to extend the life of your outdoor space or patio. How do you know what type of heater is best for your backyard? There are two modern outdoor heaters to consider when entertaining family, friends or guests. 

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Standing Heaters

Standing heaters are mobile and can be easily moved around which makes last minute changes to your big night simple. There are a variety of types of standing heaters, some with higher temperature outputs than others. Lava Heat heaters, like the three bellow with cylinder heat sources, give off minimal heat but are very popular in Los Angeles restaurants, homes and will be the hit of your party. Patio Comfort Heaters are not as mesmerizing to look at as Lava Heat but give off much more heat. 

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Patio Comfort Heaters

Quick Facts for Patio Comfort Standing Heaters
  • Heats 10-15 foot radius
  • Matchless ignition system
  • Natural gas or Propane tank (5 gallon)
  • Has wheels and moves around easily
  • Pre-assembled

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Hanging Heaters

One of the benefits of hanging heaters is that they do not take up floor space. Standing heaters have just about a foot in diameter base. While this is not much wasted area, the idea of hanging the heaters out of reach of any small children or animals is a plus. Hanging heaters radiate consistent heat and are powered electronically. 

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Major Brands of Hanging heaters

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I hope this will help your next night with family and friends one to remember. Find us local to Southern California areas, Orange County, Los Angeles, Pasadena and San Bernardino Valley area. Check out our Mobile Website Here! For more free backyard design ideas and inspiration download your free copy of 101 Examples of Outdoor Elegance. 


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