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Since 1947, O.W. Lee has been dedicated to the design and production of fine, handcrafted patio furniture.

Manufactured right here in Southern California, O.W. Lee is recognized nationwide as one of the premium names in the outdoor furniture industry.

Artisans combine century-old techniques with state-of-the-art equipment and materials to produce beautiful casual furniture.

The most important thing to remember about outdoor furniture is that it must stand up against the elements. Make sure when you are deciding on outdoor furniture it is made out of quality materials that will last.

These beautiful collections include dinning chairs, bar stools, club chairs, love seats, sectionals, chaise lounges and fire chat pits. O.W. Lee's wide variety of luxury outdoor products makes endless mix and match possibilities. 

O.W. Lee ocean view

O.W. Lee firepit


O.W. Lee's Luxury Outdoor Products


Perfect for balconies, small patios, or an intimate courtyard, a bistro set helps transform any small outdoor space into a relaxing private getaway. 

The O.W. Lee Bistro collection is smaller then their other collections making it much easier to move around your backyard.   

Despite being lightweight, the bistro collection is hand crafted with wrought aluminum or wrought iron materials to ensure quality and maximum lifespan.

Featured Collections

  • Amore

  • Casa

  • Cirque

  • Chalet

  • Mira

  • Sollel

  • Villa

See the full O.W. Lee Bistro collection here

O.W. Lee patio set   


Wrought Iron Collection

The wrought iron collection was designed with quality and comfort in mind.

This collection is founded on strength, durability, and quality craftsmanship, providing lasting luxury outdoor furniture for generations. No kidding, it is not uncommon for parents to gift these beautiful sets to their children after decades of use.  

The wrought iron collection has a sleek modern design while maintaining the quality of hand-crafted wrought iron. 

Featured Collections

  • Avalon

  • Classico

  • Laredo

  • Marquette

  • Monterra

  • Plazzo

  • San Cristobal

  • Silana

See full O.W. Lee Wrought Iron collection here

O.W. Lee outdoor furniture fire place  


Wrought Aluminum Collection

This collection is one of sophistication and comfort designed to bring the luxury of the indoors to outdoor spaces.

These durable, high-grade wrought aluminum frames include iintricate scrolls, hand forged bends and sleek lines throughout the collections.

The wrought aluminum collection has refreshingly simple designs that take any outdoor space and turn it into a gathering place for friends and family that is exceptionally comfortable.

Featured Collections

  • Madison

  • Viento

  • ashbury

  • Gios

  • Lux 30

  • Montrachet

  • Palisades

  • Vista

See the full Wrought Aluminum collection here

O.W. Lee dining table          


Casual Fireside Collection

The Casual Fireside collection quickly becoming one of O.W. Lee's most popular collections of luxury outdoor sets. Many other outdoor fire pit companies attempt to replicate or compete with the O.W. Lee fireside collection with little success.  

When looking to purchase any outdoor furniture product there are three important things to consider.

  1. Quality (will it last)

  2. Reliability (will it turn on)

  3. Comfort (will it fit my backyard)

O.W. Lee has made their name in the fire pit industry by perfecting all three of these categories.

These outdoor chat pits can be personalized with your choice of 12 different fire media options and 10 hearth top designs.

O.W. Lee casual fireside chat pits offer hours of comfort for you, your family and friends.

Featured Collections

  • Aero

  • Santorini

  • Viento

  • Vulsini

See the full Casual Fireside collection here

O.W. Lee fire pit ocean     

O.W. Lee Luxury Outdoor Furniture 

O.W. Lee is consistently setting the bar in the outdoor furniture industry for design and quality. Want to see more O.W. Lee outdoor products? Click Here To See All Full O.W. Lee Collections.


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What you learned?

  1. Outdoor furniture needs to stand the elements

  2. O.W. Lee designs and crafts dinning chairs, lounge chairs, love seats and of course the causal fireside collection

  3. O.W. Lee is an outdoor furniture industry leader for quality, reliability and comfort



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