OW Lee Fire Pit Buying Guide (Infographic)

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Tue, Aug 02, 2016 @ 10:19 AM

I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say:

Fire is not just warm and comforting, it's completely mesmerizing...

Which is why the world's most inviting, relaxing outdoor spaces use fire and fire accessories to create more comfort and beauty.

One of our favorite ways to use fire in our clients' backyards is to use fire is OW Lee's fantastic line of gas fire pits. 

So we teamed up with our friend's at Patiolo to create this helpful fire pit buying guide infographic which will show you all of OW Lee's fire pit shapes, heights, styles, colors and more so you can find the perfect match.


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25 Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas To Transform Your Backyard

Posted by Thomas Kay on Thu, May 28, 2015 @ 03:24 PM


Need a fresh idea to make a noticeable difference in the backyard?

This list of 25 Patio Decorating Tips will cover a variety of simple projects that will both attract attention & serve a useful purpose in any outdoor space.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas

We will explore some of the most popular outdoor trends & professional exterior design tips including:

-  Outdoor Arrangement Ideas

-  Creative Patio Lighting

-  Landscaping & Gardening Tips

-  Outdoor Entertaining Advice

-  And Much More

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Tip  # 1 :  Create Spot To Gather

Perhaps the best place to get started is by creating a space in the backyard with plenty of space for family & friends to sit & gather around.

This can be anything from a fire pit, a shady tree, fountain or sculpture, a favorite piece of artwork; whatever your favorite part of your backyard, arrange seating to attract attention & make a welcoming hangout spot.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Create A Spot To Gather


Tip # 2 :  Use Trees To Provide Light

Trees are rarely put to any use at night mainly because there is never enough light around them to attract attention.

From Christmas lights to candles, there are plenty of creative ways to make your trees a little brighter.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Use Trees To Provide Light 


Tip # 3 :  Patterns Help Everything Match 

No matter what furniture style or material you are using, one simple pattern (top right) can help everything come together.

If you have all the same material furniture (bottom), use similar colors & designs instead of identical ones to add some necessary variety.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Patterns Help Everything Match 


Tip # 4 :  Heaters Are Both Warm & Inviting

Chilly weather should not stop you from enjoying the beauty of your backyard.

Outdoor heaters are an easy addition & can help motivate guests to take that first step outside when weather can be questionable.

Learn More About Outdoor Heaters >>

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Heaters Are Warm & Inviting  


Tip # 5 :  Design A Creative Space For Games 

Creating a dedicated spot in the backyard for your favorite game is sure to attract attention.

Organize a family DIY project to create the new, favorite place in the backyard.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Design A Creative Space For Games


Tip # 6 :  Ice Chest's Keep Drinks Cool & Inviting

Another creative DIY project to work on is making an ice chest for the warm months.

Whether there is alcohol or not, an outdoor ice chest is sure to grab a lot of attention; alcohol can usually help though.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: An Ice Chest Keeps Drinks Cool & Inviting


Tip # 7 :  A Mirror Can Make A Difference

Mirrors are an easy addition that can make a substantial & immediate impact to an outdoor space.

Big or small, use mirrors to expand any area & it is easy to find a design to match your style.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: A Mirror Can Make A Difference


Designer Tips For Outdoor Spaces



Tip # 8 :  Incorporate The Water Element

Adding the water element, such as a fountain or pond, is not the easiest of these backyard projects; but it does make the biggest splash.

Fountains can be used to be the center of attention or provide the perfect accent to your favorite outdoor spot.

Learn More About Outdoor Fountains >>

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Incorporate The Water Element


Tip # 9 :  Grab A Lot Of Shade With A Giant Umbrella

Jumbo sized umbrellas are the best way to cover a large area of the patio; not to mention they are quite eye catching as well.

Normal umbrellas won't be able to protect larger furniture arrangements like a deep seating sectional or a trio of chaise lounges.

Learn More About Patio Umbrellas & Awnings >>

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Grab A Lot Of Shade With A Giant Umbrella


Tip # 10 :  Find Artwork To Accent The Look & Style

Hanging artwork & sculptures brings a distinctive look, while adding more life to the theme you are going for.

Consider using a cultural piece to make it your patio feel more like of a part of you.

Learn More About Lawn Art & Statuary >>

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Find Artwork To Accent The Look & Style


Tip # 11 :  Use String Lights For Easy & Elegant Lighting

String lights are perfect for outdoor lighting because they are small enough to be difficult to see during the day & there are so many bulbs to spread the light out easily at night.

The best part about them is their versatility & variety; you will be surprised how easy it is to find a set to match any area of patio.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Use String Lights For Easy & Elegant Lighting


Tip # 12 :  Find A Place To Swing From

An outdoor swing can be one of the most enticing areas of the backyard.

They serve as a perfect oasis to escape by yourself; or perhaps enjoy your day outside swinging with someone special.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Find A Place To Swing From


Tip # 13 :  Large Rocks Are Easy To Add & Maintain

If you are looking for a little to no maintenance outdoor project, consider incorporating large rocks into your landscape.

Aside from putting them in, there is no work needed to keep these up; so they can keep on absorbing attention year after year.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Large Rocks Are Easy To Add & Maintain


Tip # 14 :  Incorporate The Fire Element

The only thing more attractive then water is fire; using fire anywhere in an outdoor space is sure to get some wow's.

Most fire pits use propane tanks, making them more portable & versatile than ever before.

21 Outdoor Fire Pits >>

Learn More About Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Chat Pits >>

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Incorporate The Fire Element



101 Examples Of Outdoor Elegance



Tip # 15 :  Archways Provide Nice Transitions

One of the most inviting outdoor pieces to use is an archway.

Archways are best used to set a transition from one outdoor area to another.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Archways Provide Nice Transitions


Tip # 16 :  Fill Wall Space & Attract Birds With A Bird House

Empty wall space is not necessarily a bad thing, but for some it might seem too vacant; if so consider inviting some graceful guests to spend time there.

One of the best ways to use wall is by making a home for local birds to spend their days, also creating a wonderful sight that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Fill Wall Space & Attract Birds With A Bird House


Tip # 17 :  Inconspicuous Bluetooth Speakers Are Convenient & Decorative

Music is a big part of outdoor entertaining, but hooking up just any old set of speakers outside is not usually an attractive looking sight.

There are a variety of outdoor Bluetooth speakers that make listening outside easy on the effort & on the eyes.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Inconspicuous Bluetooth Speakers Are Convenient & Decorative


Tip # 18 :  Dining Areas Should Have The Best View

If you enjoy eating outside then consider setting up the dining table to look upon the best view in the entire backyard.

Doesn't matter if that view is overlooking something as grand as an ocean, or something as small as a garden; just make sure it is your favorite place to spend time & make memories.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Dining Areas Should Have The Best View


Tip # 19 :  Hang Up A Hammock

Hanging a hammock is one of the simplest ways to add a new & personal area to the patio.

There used to be only one basic style but now you can find hammocks in more creative ways than you could imagine.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Hang Up A Hammock


Tip # 20 :  Repel Bugs With Citronella candles & Torches

Using candles & torches are usually pretty common to see in outdoor spaces; however most are not burning citronella.

Citronella will repel unwanted mosquito's & other bugs away while at the same time providing the gorgeous flame to set the mood.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Repel Bugs With Citronella Candels & Troches


Tip # 21 :  Create A Focal Point Of The Backyard

Every outdoor space should at least have one piece to act as a focal point that leaves a lasting impression & sets it apart from the rest.

This can be something as inspiring as a waterfall or a fire; this can also be something as basic as an unique piece of artwork or a small garden.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Create A Focal Point Of The Backyard


Tip # 22 :  The Cocktail Cart Is Always A Happy Sight

Cocktails are a large part of outdoor entertaining; cocktail carts & stands make preparing & mixing drinks outside easy to enjoy.

The carts add a nice portability to move & enjoy anywhere around the patio, but a stand can act a permanent attention magnet.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: The Cocktail Cart Is Always A Happy Sight


Tip # 23 :  Make A Place To Sit Under The Tree

The biggest shame of having a large, shady tree is not setting up a place to sit & relax underneath.

There are lots of creative ways to make a seating area perfect under your tree; could be a drinking hangout, a secluded reading spot, or a place to spend romantic nights.


Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Make A Place To Sit Under The Tree


Tip # 24 :  Drapes & Curtains Are A Pretty Way To Block The Sun

Perhaps one of the most elegant patio design tips on the list, use curtains or drapes to add that special touch.

This unique look can completely transform the look & feel of an outdoor space.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Drapes & Curtains Are A Pretty Way To Block The Sun


Tip # 25 :  Living Walls Are Always Unique

Living walls have come back with a bang & are sprouting up all over social media.

Explore online for some inspiration or come up with a unique arrangement of your own.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas: Living Walls Are Always Unique



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12 Patio Design Ideas

Posted by Thomas Kay on Tue, Mar 31, 2015 @ 12:01 PM


12 Patio Design Ideas

Featuring 12 outdoor patio design ideas you can apply to your own outdoor living areas. You will learn about top quality outdoor living products such as, high end outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchen designs, outdoor shade, garden statuary, fountains, fire chat pits & fireplaces designs. 

12 Patio Design Ideas



High End Outdoor Furniture

When we say "high end" outdoor furniture it does not automatically mean it will have a absurd price tag. High end outdoor furniture simply means that it is not going to fall apart or break in 2 to 3 years. Today high end outdoor furniture can be expected to last just as long as indoor casual living furniture, due to the quality materials used and technological advances in the outdoor furniture industry.  

High end outdoor furniture

Click to view more High End Outdoor Furniture >>


High End Outdoor Furniture For A Small Area

Not much outdoor space to work with? There are countless types & styles of luxury outdoor furniture collections made for small outdoor areas. Just because you don't have a huge outdoor living area doesn't mean you can't enjoy the outdoors! 

Outdoor Patio Furniture


High End Outdoor Furniture For Dining 

Take your next dinner party outside! Outdoor dining furniture gives you a comfortable and convenient outdoor enviroment to enjoy when entertaining friends & family. 

Outdoor Patio Furniture


High End Outdoor Furniture For Lounging

Never fight for a lounge chair in the sun again! Relax in your favorite outdoor area like your at your own private 5 star resort.

Outdoor Patio Furniture


High End Outdoor Furniture For Entertaining

Are you someone who loves to open up your home and host the annual neighborhood party or family reunion? With the constant use the furniture is sure to get, make sure it is "high end" quality outdoor furniture. 

Outdoor Patio Furniture


Want to learn more about High End Outdoor Furniture? Download your Free copy of The Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide >>

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Outdoor Shade

Creating a shaded area in an outdoor living area is essential to the comfort of anyone using it for extended periods of time. Modern day shade products are built with light weight strong metals & colorful fabrics made to stand up against even the harshest weather. Don't let the heat keep you from enjoying the great outdoors!

Outdoor Shade & Umbrellas

Click to view more Outdoor Umbrellas, Cabanas & Awnings >>



Outdoor umbrellas come in a range of sizes, colors & styles to match your outdoor furniture theme or fabric pattern. High end outdoor umbrellas are made of durable metals that hold steady through powerful wind bursts, but are light weight enough to be moved to around your patio. 

Outdoor Shade & Umbrellas


Awnings & Cabanas

Plan ahead to beat the heat! Make your outdoor patio more enjoyable with a quality patio shade awning or cabana! Just like a 5 star resort, cabanas create a private & comfortably shaded outdoor room while an awning will enable you to shade large outdoor areas. 

Outdoor Awning & Outdoor Cabana



Outdoor Fire Pit & Fireplace

It's no coincidence people always seem to naturally gather around the fire pit at backyard parties or events. In fact, humans have been sitting and socializing next to the fire for thousands of years. Thanks to a few advances in technology, today gas fire pits give you a blazing hot fire without making your clothes stink like a campfire

Outdoor Fire Pit & Fireplace

Click to view more Outdoor Fire Pit Designs >>


Fire Chat Pit

Enjoy your outdoor patio during the all year long, even on the coldest months of the year with a fire chat pit. It even looks great even when you are not using it!

Outdoor Fire Pit & Fireplace Designs


Outdoor Fireplace

The very presence of a fireplace elevates the mood of an outdoor room. It becomes the focal point of your outdoor area and influences every decorating decision around it. A premium quality fireplace is like a frame around a masterwork of art. 

Outdoor Fireplace Designs



Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchen designs are becoming more and more popular in new housing plans simply because people love them. Why? Cooking outside is just better! Having an outdoor kitchen gives you an extension from your home's living area or kitchen to cook and entertain guests.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Click to view more Outdoor Kitchen Designs >>   


BBQ Grills

The center piece of your outdoor kitchen design, BBQ Grills are made with a variety of different performance levels and unique features. Before you choose the center piece of your ideal outdoor kitchen, make sure it fits your outdoor cooking style.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs


Grill Accessories & Counter Space

Customize your outdoor kitchen to fit how you like to cook outdoors. With grill accessories like, an outdoor refrigerator, stove counter top, cocktail making station, storage space to put cooking tools & many other outdoor kitchen accessories to make outdoor cooking more convenient. But don't get carried away with accessories and forget to leave yourself a little bit of counter space to set trays or dishes of food down.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs


Want to learn more about the BBQ Grills & Accessories? Download your Free copy of The Barbecue Grill Buying Guide >>

BBQ Grill Buying Guide




Garden Fountains & Statuary

Bring your garden to life with the soothing sound of water from an elegant fountain that provides a comforting backdrop for your patio or yard. Add statuary or metal art to decorate your garden with your own personal style or theme.

Garden Fountains & Statuary

Click to view more Garden Fountains & Statuary >>



Bring the peaceful sound of water running by your favorite outdoor area. Garden fountains are created in hundreds of sizes and shapes to fit even the smallest outdoor spaces. 

Outdoor Garden Fountains & Statuary



Add a classic & elegant style to any corner of your garden or home. Garden statuary includes religious statues, planters, birdbaths, tables and decorative concrete benches designed from the industry’s leading manufacturers like Brandelli Arts, Fiore Stone, and many more.

Garden Statuary & Garden Pots



We hope you enjoyed this Outdoor Living & Lifestyle Blog on 12 Patio Design Ideas. If you know someone that might like this, please help us share!


If you would like to see more outdoor patio design ideas or luxury outdoor furniture inspiration Download your Free copy| 101 Examples of Outdoor Elegance >> 

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Fireplace Designs & Fireside Luxury by R.H. Peterson

Posted by Thomas Kay on Wed, Jan 21, 2015 @ 09:51 PM


What do you have warming your home and outdoor space? 

It is not common to see extreme cold weather in Southern California, but when temperatures reach below 70 degrees it might be time to get a fire started. So what are you going to use to warm up your guests?

Join us as we explore the hearth & home world of R.H. Peterson as well as the many different types of outdoor fire products they have to offer. Hope you enjoy.


Fireplace Designs & Fireside Luxury by R.H. Peterson


R.H. Peterson offers a complete range of high-end, casual fireside products.take a look at R.H. Peterson's:

  • Fireplace logs and glass that bring a unique and distinct atmosphere to a fireplace.

  • Outdoor hearth fire pits and fire tables that can transform any backyard into a luxurious outdoor space.

  • And their gorgeous, custom outdoor fireplaces and firewalls which are so distinguished and authentic, they truly can make an outdoor space one of a kind.


Fireplace Logs & Glass

Wood used to be the only thing you would see burning in a fireplace, but now thanks to gas burners we don't need wood to keep the fire going.

Take a look at R.H. Peterson's line of premium gas logs, Real Fyre. Real Fyre specializes in ceramic campfire arrangements, glass and stone fireplace inserts. These inserts last for years and protect natural resources to reduce pollution.

See More Real Fyre Collections-->


Premium Fireplace Logs

Real Fyre by R.H. Peterson

  • Superior refractory ceramics ensure the logs retain their strength at high temperatures.

  • Burns efficiently while protecting natural resources and reducing pollution.

  • High definition bark and natural colors for an authentic wood look.

  • Steel rods inserted in each log provides maximum reinforcement.

  • Accessories available to enhance the look of your hearth.

Real Fyre Logs


Contemporary Fyre Glass & Stone

Real Fyre by R.H. Peterson

  • Made of high-temperature glass designed to withstand the heat of the fire.

  • Capture and reflect the flames throughout your hearth or patio setting.

  • Glass and stone are clean alternatives to wood burning.

  • 15 vibrant colors are available.

  • Radiant heat while in operation and after set has been turned off.

Real Fyre GlassReal Fyre Stones 


Outdoor Hearth

R.H. Peterson also has a unique line of outdoor hearth products, American Fyre Designs.

American Fyre Designs have a great range products including fire table, fire pits, and firewalls that make it easy to make your favorite spot outside a little warmer.

See More Outdoor Hearth Products -->


Casual Fire

American Fyre Designs by R.H. Peterson

  • American Fyre fire tables are produced with high grade stone, tempered glass and reinforced steel.

  • Fire table flame is adjustable for comfort.

  • Wood, glass, gems and stones are all available as fire options.

  • Wind guards are available to protect your flame from mild wind.

  • Accessories are available to enhance the look of your firetable. 

American Fyre Designs Firetables 


Fire Pits & Urns

American Fyre Designs by R.H. Peterson

  • Made from a combination of fiber reinforced concrete and high temperature refractory cement.

  • Fire pit flame is adjustable for comfort.

  • Wind guards are available to protect your flame from mild wind.

  • Wood, glass, gems and stones are all available as fire setting options.

  • More accessories are available to enhance the look of your fire table. 

American Fyre Designs Firepits 

American Fyre Designs Urns


Custom Fireplaces

American Fyre Designs by R.H. Peterson

  • Each fireplace is built custom to fit perfectly in the perfect spot in the backyard.

  • Made from a combination glass-fiber and reinforced concrete.

  • This tough material is lightweight yet strong enough to take on the elements.

  • Wood, glass, gems and stones are all available as fire setting options.

American Fyre Designs Custom Outdoor Fireplaces


Custom Fire falls

American Fyre Designs by R.H. Peterson

  • Every fire fall is custom made to fit any outdoor space.

  • Flowing waterfall in the back and a glowing fire front.

  • Fireplace flame is adjustable for comfort.

  • Wood, glass, gems and stones are all available as fire setting options.

  • More accessories are available to enhance the look of your fire fall.

American Fyre Designs Custom Firewalls


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21 Outdoor Fire Pits

Posted by Thomas Kay on Thu, Jan 08, 2015 @ 03:00 PM


It's no coincidence people always seem to naturally converge around the fire pit at backyard parties. In fact, humans have been sitting and socializing next to the fire for thousands of years. Thanks to a few advances in technology, today gas fire pits give you a roaring fire without making your clothes stink like a campfire. 

This short blog features 21 outdoor spaces centered around modern outdoor fire pits. We hope you discover a fire pit that inspires you to shape your dream fire pit lounge. Enjoy!


21 Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire Pit InspirationOutdoor Fire Pit InspirationBrown Jordan Fire PitBrown Jordan Fire PitBrown Jordan Fire PitBrown Jordan Fire Pit Art 1 resized 600


Click to see more -- Outdoor Fire pits & Fire places >>


O.W. Lee Fire PitOutdoor Fire Pit


Click to see more -- Outdoor Fire Pits by O.W. Lee >>>


Outdoor Fire PitOutdoor Fire Pits 


Did one of these fire pits inspire you to see more? Click to see more Fire Pits >>


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Tropitone Outdoor Furniture & Collections

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Mon, Aug 11, 2014 @ 06:50 PM


For over 60 years Tropitone has been one of the leading designers and manufacturers of both residential and commercial outdoor furniture. Because of their outstanding craftsmanship and modern design, they have earned their reputation as one of the premier outdoor furniture brands.

Tropitone has one of the widest selections of outdoor patio furniture styles, finishes, colors and fabrics. Therefore, making the task of finding elegant, comfortable furniture to fit your lifestyle is both simple and affordable.

Tropitone is known around the world for furnishing hotels, resorts and commercial businesses with a unique contemporary style. 

Tropitone  the outdoor furniture market by creating luxurious but traditional outdoor furniture. Tropitone's outdoor furniture collections radiate modern style and give life to any outdoor space.   

Tropitone Outdoor FurnitureTropitone Outdoor Furniture 

See more urban, stylish and contemporary Tropitone Outdoor Furniture Collections Here.


Tropitone Outdoor Dining Collections

More and more homeowners are creating outdoor areas to cook, eat and entertain right in their backyard. An all in one outdoor kitchen and dining area to share with friends and family. Choosing an outdoor dining set can give you the space you need to eat with or entertain guests.

Choosing the right dining set that matches your style and gives you the comfort you want in outdoor furniture is where the tricky part comes in. 

Tropitone's outdoor dining collections gives you many options to choose from when it comes to building your ideal outside dining area. 

First, choose from an expansive collection of durable and hand finished tops that are ideal for any outdoor environment or climate. Ranging from glass tops to aluminum tables, Tropitone's dining tables are all built to endure years and years of use and weather. 

Next, choose which style dining chair to match your dining table. Tropitone has hundreds of different cushions with unique fabrics, patterns and colors to match any outdoor area. For higher comfort levels make sure to look for Tropitone's thick dining cushions. 

Tropitone Dining Sets


Tropitone Outdoor Bar Stools

Regular and swivel bar stools are growing in popularity as more and more people adopt an outdoor living lifestyle and build luxurious outdoor rooms. Outdoor kitchens and bars are being built in backyards all over Southern California.

Tropitone bar stools do not take up much floor space and are a staple in the hospitality and commercial industries. Patio furniture at the bar creates an environment for socializing and entertaining

Tropitone outdoor bar stools are built with durable materials strong enough to handle the harshest climates and even constant wear and tear by guests at a resort or at your home.  

Tropitone builds a wide range of durable bar stools in a variety of heights, designs and styles so you can match to the architecture of your home. 

Tropitone Bar Stools  


Tropitone Chaise Lounges

Tropitone chaise lounge collections come in a variety of shapes, materials, colors and fabrics to match any outdoor space. Tropitone carries over 30 different styles of outdoor chaises while continuing to design new features and styles to enhance the appeal of backyards and business around the world. 

Outdoor chaise lounges that are stackable and easy to maintain are a pool or patio must for hospitality and commercial businesses. Providing comfort to guests lounging by the pool, resort or balcony enhances their experience.  If it is outside there is a space that could be furnished. 

Tropitone Chaise Lounges


Tropitone Fire Collection

"Fire pits are quickly becoming one of the most popular items in backyards all over Southern California." -Doug Sanicola

There are a few reasons fire pits are becoming so popular. Whether it's catching up with friends or roasting marshmallows with family, fire pits create a social and comfortable environment to keep the party going all night. 

Secondly, all of the Tropitone's fire pit collection is fueled by either natural gas or propane. This provides for an affordable and clean burn. There is no more need to clean up of ash or wash the smoke scent out of your clothes when your done.   

The Tropitone fire collection has all the features, styles and colors to create a warm and comfortable outdoor space that matches your home. Tropitone outdoor fire pits are known for their simple elegant design, quality and consistent reliability.  

Tropitone Fire Pits


Commercial Outdoor Furniture by Tropitone

Since 1950 Tropitone has been working to furnish outdoor spaces at hotels, resorts, clubs, cruise ships, restaurants and many other business all over the world. Tropitone has been creating outdoor entertainment spaces for over 60 years and it is difficult to find anyone doing it better.  

Tropitone prides themselves on the continuous innovative design and craftsmanship of luxury outdoor furniture in the commercial industryTropitone specially designs commercial outdoor furniture products to furnish outdoor spaces like balconies, dining areas, VIP spaces, poolside lounges and gardens.

Their complete collection of commercial outdoor furniture includes dinning tables & chairs, cabanas, lounge chairs, umbrellas & shade, bar stools, and many more patio collections.


Outdoor Dining & Entertainment Spaces Furnished by Tropitone

Dining and entertainment businesses know it is more important than ever to keep up with modern styles and trends. People enjoy being out and around people but prefer to stay in their social circles, making sectional couches very popular in contemporary restaurants or night lounges.  

Tropitone Dining Furniture

Tropitone Outdoor Furniture


Hotels and Resorts Furnished by Tropitone

Many people will choose to stay or not stay at a resort or hotel based on the condition of it's pool or outdoor spaces. Having comfortable and quality outdoor furniture, especially at warm weather destinations where guests prefer to spend time outside, is essential. 

Around the world you can find hotels and resorts furnished by Tropitone. 

With the inevitable wear and tear from constant year round use, it's important to invest in quality outdoor furniture. 

Tropitone Hotel Pool Furniture

Exceed your guests expectations with Outdoor Elegance's Full Service Hospitallity Program.


Tropitone Featured Collection | The Cabana Collection

The Cabana collection is displayed in many prestigious commercial locations and luxurious residential living areas around the world. Known for its modern sleek style and distinct design the Cabana collection offers prime seating around any pool patio or outdoor entertainment area.

The most popular outdoor sectional lounges creates a comfortable, social and VIP atmosphere for the guest to relax in even the smallest outdoor spaces.     

Tropitone Outdoor Furniture

See more featured Tropitone Outdoor Furniture Collections by Click Here.


Tropitone Tips To Remember...

  1. Tropitone has one of the widest collections of outdoor furniture styles, fabrics and outdoor products to choose from in the casual living industry.

  2. Expertly designed to fit any commercial outdoor space. Tropitone has hundreds of styles and collections to bring any outdoor or indoor space to life.

  3. The key to buying outdoor furniture is to invest in quality outdoor furniture. It must hold up against year round wear and tear from weather or consistent use. 


Don't forget to check out More Tropitone Furniture and also, take a look at this Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide for expert advice before you visit a showroom.


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O.W. Lee Outdoor Luxury Furniture

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 @ 12:00 PM


Since 1947, O.W. Lee has been dedicated to the design and production of fine, handcrafted patio furniture.

Manufactured right here in Southern California, O.W. Lee is recognized nationwide as one of the premium names in the outdoor furniture industry.

Artisans combine century-old techniques with state-of-the-art equipment and materials to produce beautiful casual furniture.

The most important thing to remember about outdoor furniture is that it must stand up against the elements. Make sure when you are deciding on outdoor furniture it is made out of quality materials that will last.

These beautiful collections include dinning chairs, bar stools, club chairs, love seats, sectionals, chaise lounges and fire chat pits. O.W. Lee's wide variety of luxury outdoor products makes endless mix and match possibilities. 

O.W. Lee ocean view

O.W. Lee firepit


O.W. Lee's Luxury Outdoor Products


Perfect for balconies, small patios, or an intimate courtyard, a bistro set helps transform any small outdoor space into a relaxing private getaway. 

The O.W. Lee Bistro collection is smaller then their other collections making it much easier to move around your backyard.   

Despite being lightweight, the bistro collection is hand crafted with wrought aluminum or wrought iron materials to ensure quality and maximum lifespan.

Featured Collections

  • Amore

  • Casa

  • Cirque

  • Chalet

  • Mira

  • Sollel

  • Villa

See the full O.W. Lee Bistro collection here

O.W. Lee patio set   


Wrought Iron Collection

The wrought iron collection was designed with quality and comfort in mind.

This collection is founded on strength, durability, and quality craftsmanship, providing lasting luxury outdoor furniture for generations. No kidding, it is not uncommon for parents to gift these beautiful sets to their children after decades of use.  

The wrought iron collection has a sleek modern design while maintaining the quality of hand-crafted wrought iron. 

Featured Collections

  • Avalon

  • Classico

  • Laredo

  • Marquette

  • Monterra

  • Plazzo

  • San Cristobal

  • Silana

See full O.W. Lee Wrought Iron collection here

O.W. Lee outdoor furniture fire place  


Wrought Aluminum Collection

This collection is one of sophistication and comfort designed to bring the luxury of the indoors to outdoor spaces.

These durable, high-grade wrought aluminum frames include iintricate scrolls, hand forged bends and sleek lines throughout the collections.

The wrought aluminum collection has refreshingly simple designs that take any outdoor space and turn it into a gathering place for friends and family that is exceptionally comfortable.

Featured Collections

  • Madison

  • Viento

  • ashbury

  • Gios

  • Lux 30

  • Montrachet

  • Palisades

  • Vista

See the full Wrought Aluminum collection here

O.W. Lee dining table          


Casual Fireside Collection

The Casual Fireside collection quickly becoming one of O.W. Lee's most popular collections of luxury outdoor sets. Many other outdoor fire pit companies attempt to replicate or compete with the O.W. Lee fireside collection with little success.  

When looking to purchase any outdoor furniture product there are three important things to consider.

  1. Quality (will it last)

  2. Reliability (will it turn on)

  3. Comfort (will it fit my backyard)

O.W. Lee has made their name in the fire pit industry by perfecting all three of these categories.

These outdoor chat pits can be personalized with your choice of 12 different fire media options and 10 hearth top designs.

O.W. Lee casual fireside chat pits offer hours of comfort for you, your family and friends.

Featured Collections

  • Aero

  • Santorini

  • Viento

  • Vulsini

See the full Casual Fireside collection here

O.W. Lee fire pit ocean     

O.W. Lee Luxury Outdoor Furniture 

O.W. Lee is consistently setting the bar in the outdoor furniture industry for design and quality. Want to see more O.W. Lee outdoor products? Click Here To See All Full O.W. Lee Collections.


Wondering what other outdoor furniture frames can stand up to the elements? See The 7 Most Durable Outdoor Furniture Frames Here  


What you learned?

  1. Outdoor furniture needs to stand the elements

  2. O.W. Lee designs and crafts dinning chairs, lounge chairs, love seats and of course the causal fireside collection

  3. O.W. Lee is an outdoor furniture industry leader for quality, reliability and comfort



Learn more about outdoor furniture before you buy anything!

Get advice from outdoor furniture experts on the durability of different frames, style options, longest lasting furniture, questions to ask when you are ready to buy and much more!

Download your Free copy of The Outdoor Furniture Buying guide below.   

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4 Outdoor Heaters To Warm Up Your Backyard

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Mon, Dec 16, 2013 @ 08:52 PM


Tis the season for long nights outside with loved ones gathered around the fire.

Temperatures are dropping and gone are the days of sitting outside on long summer warm nights. Fire pits, heaters and fireplaces are great ways to extend the use of your patio by warming up your backyard this holiday season.

Whether you are entertaining or relaxing with friends and family, these additions not only provide a warm place to gather around, but serve as the focal point in your backyard design scheme

 OW lee Bar stool fire pit resized 600


Choose a Type of Heater

There are four main products to consider that will warm up your backyard. Having just one or all of these products depends on the amount of space you are trying to heat.

  • Free Standing Heaters
  • Hanging Heaters
  • Fireplace
  • Fire Pit


A fire pit or fireplace is always where you should start. The size of a fireplace or fire pit makes it something to build around. These two products naturally become the center piece of your backyarda place to gather aroundkeep warm and catch up with family or friends.

Heaters that can be moved easier like standing or hanging heaters, are more versatile in a sense that you can move them if the location does not end up working. These types of heaters both have key qualities to fit your any type of outdoor space. Keep reading to find out which fits you! 


Plan a Location

Do you want your outdoor heater to be the centerpiece of your backyard?

Will you use this spot to entertain year round?

Is it just a warm spot to spend time outdoors?

Choosing a location is all about fitting your lifestyle. For example, do you enjoy entertaining? If so, then you may want your outdoor heater to be the center piece of your backyard to gather guests around.

Fire Pit Ocean View resized 600 


Four Outdoor Heating Products


Free Standing Heaters

Free standing heaters are versatile and convenient because they are mobile.

No matter the size or shape, free standing heaters can all be moved. Some easier than others, but usually will include a portable wheel kit.

Another great quality most standing heaters have is an all weather top. So no matter where you live, the elements do not effect the heat output.

This enables you to use your patio space in any weather or any time of the year. 

Here are a few all weather and portable free standing heaters from Patio Comfort Heaters.


Lava Heat Italia

Lava Heat Italia resized 600


Hanging Heaters 

Hanging Heaters are very popular in today's best designed restaurants and homes for a couple reasons. They give off great consistent heat and do not take up any space on your patio. Hanging heaters are great for people who do not want to clutter their space.

These heaters are fueled by gas or electricity, and are safe for indoor or outdoor spaces. There are many different sizes, styles and brands to choose from when it comes to hanging heaters.

Bromic and Twin Eagles heaters are a great place to start when trying to get an idea of what heater is right for your outdoor or indoor space. 


Bromic Heaters

Bromic Relaxing Evening resized 600


Fire Pits

No longer are home owners satisfied with a deck and barbecue. Today fire pits are preferred in majority of homes in Southern California.

Having family, friends or guests gather and make hours of memories in your backyard is what is so attractive about having a fire pit. Many of today's fire pits run off natural gas or propane. Both are very affordable and provide high temperature outputs. 

Fire Pit and Ocean resized 600


Recommended Product

O.W. Lee Casual Fireside

O.W. Lee is the leader in designing and manufacturing luxury outdoor fire pits. O.W. Lee's continued dedication to design and innovation in the fire pit industry is recognized nation wide. O.W. Lee Casual Fireside Collection has many styles and designs to fit your backyard. 

O.W. Lee Casual Fireside resized 600



Fireplaces require a bit more of a commitment than a fire pit because fireplaces are not mobile. Once you build a fireplace there is no moving it somewhere else, it must become a focal point of your outdoor space. Fireplaces built by a experienced hardscaper are works of art and can add that Wow factor to your backyard.


Fireplace Center Piece resized 600


Fireplaces are a great way to make a statement when entertaining. The addition of a little fire in your backyard or patio creates a modern and adventurous feel to any outdoor space.

Take a look at some of my favorite fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplace resized 600


What did you learn? 

When considering these four products to heat up your outdoor space, you should group them into two categories.

Fireplace/Fire Pits and Hanging Heaters/Free Standing Heaters.

All have their advantages but depending on your outdoor space's desired style and size some outdoor heating products may be less effective than others.

Download your free copy of 101 Examples of Outdoor Elegance below for more ideas on spacing your backyard!


101 examples of outdoor elegance call to action






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5 Tips To Create Your Dream Backyard

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Wed, Nov 06, 2013 @ 05:10 PM

Do you dream about extending your home's style into your yard? I am here to show you how you can get started on your outdoor room today!

What is an outdoor room? It could be an entertainment spot for friends and family, outdoor kitchen and bar or even your own personal garden escape.

Whatever you decide to use your outdoor space for, this post will help ensure it matches your home's design and your family's lifestyle.

From project start to it's completion, here are five ideas to help you create your dream backyard!


1.Visualizing Your Backyard

Spend some time getting familiar with the all the available spaces available in your backyard.

Start by cleaning out your backyard; removing all plants, tools and unnecessary storage. Next, decide what you'd like to include and what you need in the space you have cleared.

Working with a small space? Something as simple as a corner fountain and bar set can create an inviting, relaxing outdoor space. 


backyard design tips

Need help visualizing your backyard? Click to see 101 Examples of Outdoor Elegance


2. Decide What Is Important To You

Make a list of the outdoor products and accessories you'd like to include in your yard.

Ask yourself, "what is my backyard missing?" What do you enjoy doing in your home that would be more enjoyable outside? A couple of examples are cooking, reading, socializing, and exercising.

  • Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

  • Comfortable Furniture

  • Lighting & Candles

  • Entertainment (Music & TV)

  • Heaters, Fireplaces or Fire Pits

  • Fountains & Statuary

  • Landscaping

top outdoor space products

 Water fountain wall, deep seating furniture and fireplace

3. Use Hardscaping

Hardscaping can be anything from a brick pathway through your garden to a wood deck or concrete stained patio. Doing this can add structure and privacy to your outdoor space no matter what size backyard you have to work with.

Hardscaping and it's trade are considered to be works of art. Be sure to choose a experienced, highly-recommended hardscaper because their work will act an outline or skeleton for your outdoor space.

Here are a couple of beautiful hardscaping examples!


hardscape backyard

Stone pathways and gazebos are very popular, adding a nice touch to any backyard! 


hardscape backyard

A concrete path with a strip of bricks can add structure to your outdoor spaces.

4. Create Your Own Rules

This is your space, it can be anything you want it to be. You should forget conventional layouts or designs and start creating your own rules.

Who says your backyard can not be as comfortable as your living room? Don't be afraid of putting comfortable, deep seating furniture outside.

Some people believe the common misconception that this kind of furniture can quickly deteriorate outside. However, when you purchase quality outdoor furniture it is not difficult to find both comfort and durability.

Some less than practical ideas:

  • Water fountain wall

  • Outdoor wet bar

  • Unique lighting (tiki torches)

  • Creative lawn art and statues

  • Vegetable & fruit gardens

  • Rock or meditation garden

Japanese style space resized 600Japanese meditation space and garden with dining area.


Lake Furniture Wine resized 600

 Relaxing afternoon bay side on a wicker deep seating patio furniture set.

5. Create A Covered Area

Stay shaded and protect your outdoor room from mother nature with a gazebo, umbrella or awning. Even hot sunny California weather needs some moderation. 

Covered areas can be a spot to entertain, read a book or even be the center piece of your backyard.

Four reasons covering your outdoor space is important:

  1. Covered areas will extend the life of your furniture's color and fabric.

  2. With the right color and style you can add to the appeal of your backyard.

  3. Save energy by shading your deck or windows in the summer. 

  4. It increases the time you can use your backyard. Rain or shine, use your covered outdoor space anytime of the year.

Awning with Pool resized 600



I hope you've enjoyed these five ideas to help you create your dream backyard and have found some inspiration along the way!

Download a FREE copy of our latest idea book below and discover 101 beautiful outdoor spaces to inspire your own.

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20 Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Wed, Oct 23, 2013 @ 04:12 PM

Do you love spending time outside? Then your outdoor living space is probably your favorite "room" in your home. 

Our experts here at Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center put together this collection of 20 outdoor spaces to help you visuzlize and create the outdoor space you have always dreamed about.

Want to download the entire collection? Get it right here >>



hannamint patio furniture

brown jordan patio furniture

ow lee dining set

gloster patio furniture

lynx bbq grill

brown jordan patio sofas

ow lee fire pit

custom pool fountains

patio renaissance

custom pool fountain

brown jordan patio furniture

lynx bbq grill

ow lee fire pit and patio furniture

ebel patio furniture

viking outdoor grill

describe the image

fire magic grill

describe the image

gloster patio furniture

kettal patio furniture

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