Elegant Outdoor Furniture By Jensen Leisure

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Thu, May 01, 2014 @ 01:28 PM

Elegant Outdoor Furniture By Jensen Leisure

Thoughtful Design & Solid Craftsmanship

Jensen truly does an amazing job of designing quality furniture with a bold look. Because of their unique modern design and expert timber craftsmanship, Jensen Leisure Furniture has deservingly received a lot of attention from designers all around the Los Angeles and Orange County area. 

Jensen uses Ipé & Robles wood in their furniture design, to capture the warmth and feeling of the Southern California lifestyle. A distinctive look and attention to detail are elements of what set Jensen Leisure Furniture apart from other outdoor brands. Starting from the forest floor, every detail is inspected till it is patio-ready. 

By using only FSC-Certified wood, Jensen works hard to maintain the long-term well-being of the forests where Ipé comes from. Ipé wood is incredibly strong and dense, with very high wear durability.

A handsome chocolate-brown when new, the strength and durability of Ipé has been long recognized in the deck boards of the historic Solferino Footbridge which crosses the Seine River in central Paris, in the famous boardwalk at Atlantic City, NJ, and in the wood slats in all of the benches at Central Park in New York City.

Outdoor Furniture Sets & Options From Jensen Leisure

Clearly this wood has a tough and sturdy wood design that is made to last. Because quality is such an fundamental element to their furniture, Jensen backs all their products with a five year warranty.

Thoughtful design & solid craftsmenship, those are the words that Jensen Leisure represents.

Let's take a look at the different kinds of furniture arrangements & options From Jensen 

Dining Tables & Chairs

In Southern California, outdoor dining has become an essential part of living the SoCal lifestyle. Taking advantage of the best weather in the world & enjoying great food in your backyard is what it is all about.

Depending on the style of seating, Jensen offers a wide variety of outdoor dining sets in each of their furniture collections. You have stretch dining sets for nice sit down meals with the family or tall bar stool seating to throw back a few drinks with some friends. 

These dining sets feature lots of table space & formal seating arrangements so the whole family can enjoy both good food & good company.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Dining

Lounge Seating & Arrangements

If entertaining & relaxing in your backyard sounds like more your style, then Jensen Leisure lounge sets might be what you are looking for. Perfect for kicking back by the pool or sharing some stories with friends over cigars, these arrangements can make all the difference when it comes to the comfort of your backyard.

Kick back with friends after a swim on a two or three seater sofa. Or if brunch and afternoon tea sounds like a more enjoyable, single chairs & rockers might be what you are looking for.

These lounge sets feature large pillow seating and stout tables with a design focused mainly around comfort & decoration.

Take a look at more furniture from Jensen Leisure

Jensen Leisure Furniture Lounge

Benches & Swings

Jensen makes sharing the SoCal lifestyle with friends & family special, but what about enjoying the intimate comforts of the backyard.

Benches & swings from Jensen can make your garden into a quiet place to get some reading done or a turn a view of the evening sunset into a romantic hangout for two.

There are variety of benches available from Jensen in each of their collections.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Bench

Chaise Lounges & Rockers

Sprawling out & soaking up the California sun is a luxury those around Los Angeles & Orange County get to enjoy almost year round.

Chaise lounges from Jensen have a unique style & distinct look that makes hanging poolside a little more comfortable.

Jensen has a variety of chaise lounges that can match your pool or your favorite collection.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Chaise

Collections by Jensen Leisure

Now that you know the types of furniture sets that Jensen produces, we can take a look at the collections that Jensen has designed. Each collection has it's own unique style & finish so whichever furniture sets or arrangments are picked, they can all have a consistent design & flow.

Most of the collections including Traditional, Opal, & Topaz use the dark Ipé wood. The Argento collection is the only one that uses the white Roble wood. Take a look at the different outdoor furniture collections by Jensen Leisure.


The Traditional collection by Jensen is the original & most popular design. Because it is their first collection, it also has the best selection of different sets & styles than the other collections.

From chaise lounges & bar sets to backyard swings & dining tables, the Traditional collection can cover all the bases of SoCal outdoor living.

This collection has the darkest design of the Ipé wood to highlight that bold, amber look of the Traditional style.

Check out more collections by Jensen Leisure

Jensen Leisure Furniture Traditional Collection


Using the same Ipé wood as the Traditional collection, the Opal collection has a lighter tone & uses bright white accents which blend in with the rich finish of the wood.

The Opal collection has furniture sets for dining, benches, & chaise lounges. However, their leisure sets with large couches & coffee tables are the highlight of the collection.

This collection also has a few unique accessories that can make the most of an outdoor space, such as a decorative table that highlights the dining area or an ottoman to put your legs up.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Opal Collection


The Topaz collection by Jensen Leisure uses a darker finish of the Ipé wood than the Opal collection, but it is probably the most unique. By using a combination of white and teal highlights, this collection is designed to accent the natural setting of a pool or garden.

Although there are no benches in the Topaz collection, their dining seating has widest range of options including formal, swivel & hi dining seating.

If a pool is in the backyard, it is the leisure sets & chaise lounges that are the real keys to the Topaz collection. The white sling of the lounges & the teal pillow seats are flow so well against water, & most importantly they are the comfortable way to soak up the sun after an afternoon swim.

Jensen Leisure Topaz Collection


In the Argento collection by Jensen Leisure, you can tell right away that the white Roble wood design is the feature that sets it apart.

This collection features all the furniture options you would expect including dining seating, benches, and lounge sets plus other pieces including lazy susans, ottomans, and swivel rockers.

The unique look of the Roble wood is very flattering against white cobblestone, but it even has an elegant look against brick and wood. 

Jensen Leisure Furniture Argento Collection

What We Learned

1) SoCal Lifestyle

Through thoughtful design and solid craftsmanshipJensen Leisure furniture uses the distinct look of Ipé & Robles wood, capturing the real feeling of living the Southern California lifestyle.

2) Tons Of Variety

The collections by Jensen Leisure feature a wide variety of furniture sets, arrangements, & accessories including dining tables & chairs, lounge sofas & chat tables, benches, chaise lounges, swings, ottomans and lazy susans.

3) Designed For Comfort

Each collection has been designed around enjoying the comfort of the amazing elements that make up outdoor living & realizing the true potential of an outdoor space.


Don't forget to check out more Jensen Leisure Furniture and where to find Jensen collections. Also, take a look at this Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide for expert advice before you visit a showroom.


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O.W. Lee Outdoor Luxury Furniture

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 @ 12:00 PM


Since 1947, O.W. Lee has been dedicated to the design and production of fine, handcrafted patio furniture.

Manufactured right here in Southern California, O.W. Lee is recognized nationwide as one of the premium names in the outdoor furniture industry.

Artisans combine century-old techniques with state-of-the-art equipment and materials to produce beautiful casual furniture.

The most important thing to remember about outdoor furniture is that it must stand up against the elements. Make sure when you are deciding on outdoor furniture it is made out of quality materials that will last.

These beautiful collections include dinning chairs, bar stools, club chairs, love seats, sectionals, chaise lounges and fire chat pits. O.W. Lee's wide variety of luxury outdoor products makes endless mix and match possibilities. 

O.W. Lee ocean view

O.W. Lee firepit


O.W. Lee's Luxury Outdoor Products


Perfect for balconies, small patios, or an intimate courtyard, a bistro set helps transform any small outdoor space into a relaxing private getaway. 

The O.W. Lee Bistro collection is smaller then their other collections making it much easier to move around your backyard.   

Despite being lightweight, the bistro collection is hand crafted with wrought aluminum or wrought iron materials to ensure quality and maximum lifespan.

Featured Collections

  • Amore

  • Casa

  • Cirque

  • Chalet

  • Mira

  • Sollel

  • Villa

See the full O.W. Lee Bistro collection here

O.W. Lee patio set   


Wrought Iron Collection

The wrought iron collection was designed with quality and comfort in mind.

This collection is founded on strength, durability, and quality craftsmanship, providing lasting luxury outdoor furniture for generations. No kidding, it is not uncommon for parents to gift these beautiful sets to their children after decades of use.  

The wrought iron collection has a sleek modern design while maintaining the quality of hand-crafted wrought iron. 

Featured Collections

  • Avalon

  • Classico

  • Laredo

  • Marquette

  • Monterra

  • Plazzo

  • San Cristobal

  • Silana

See full O.W. Lee Wrought Iron collection here

O.W. Lee outdoor furniture fire place  


Wrought Aluminum Collection

This collection is one of sophistication and comfort designed to bring the luxury of the indoors to outdoor spaces.

These durable, high-grade wrought aluminum frames include iintricate scrolls, hand forged bends and sleek lines throughout the collections.

The wrought aluminum collection has refreshingly simple designs that take any outdoor space and turn it into a gathering place for friends and family that is exceptionally comfortable.

Featured Collections

  • Madison

  • Viento

  • ashbury

  • Gios

  • Lux 30

  • Montrachet

  • Palisades

  • Vista

See the full Wrought Aluminum collection here

O.W. Lee dining table          


Casual Fireside Collection

The Casual Fireside collection quickly becoming one of O.W. Lee's most popular collections of luxury outdoor sets. Many other outdoor fire pit companies attempt to replicate or compete with the O.W. Lee fireside collection with little success.  

When looking to purchase any outdoor furniture product there are three important things to consider.

  1. Quality (will it last)

  2. Reliability (will it turn on)

  3. Comfort (will it fit my backyard)

O.W. Lee has made their name in the fire pit industry by perfecting all three of these categories.

These outdoor chat pits can be personalized with your choice of 12 different fire media options and 10 hearth top designs.

O.W. Lee casual fireside chat pits offer hours of comfort for you, your family and friends.

Featured Collections

  • Aero

  • Santorini

  • Viento

  • Vulsini

See the full Casual Fireside collection here

O.W. Lee fire pit ocean     

O.W. Lee Luxury Outdoor Furniture 

O.W. Lee is consistently setting the bar in the outdoor furniture industry for design and quality. Want to see more O.W. Lee outdoor products? Click Here To See All Full O.W. Lee Collections.


Wondering what other outdoor furniture frames can stand up to the elements? See The 7 Most Durable Outdoor Furniture Frames Here  


What you learned?

  1. Outdoor furniture needs to stand the elements

  2. O.W. Lee designs and crafts dinning chairs, lounge chairs, love seats and of course the causal fireside collection

  3. O.W. Lee is an outdoor furniture industry leader for quality, reliability and comfort



Learn more about outdoor furniture before you buy anything!

Get advice from outdoor furniture experts on the durability of different frames, style options, longest lasting furniture, questions to ask when you are ready to buy and much more!

Download your Free copy of The Outdoor Furniture Buying guide below.   

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Before You Entertain.. Decide What Modern Heater Fits Your Patio?

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Tue, Dec 31, 2013 @ 07:00 PM


Are you planning on opening up your doors to family and friends this New Year? Creating spaces for your guests to gather is important for a couple reasons. If you have snacks, drinks and a warm spot to sit down you have accomplished the first step to a great night. Setting the stage for a long night of conversation, laughing and story telling under the star filled California night. Outdoor heaters are designed to extend the life of your outdoor space or patio. How do you know what type of heater is best for your backyard? There are two modern outdoor heaters to consider when entertaining family, friends or guests. 

Baller house resized 600


Standing Heaters

Standing heaters are mobile and can be easily moved around which makes last minute changes to your big night simple. There are a variety of types of standing heaters, some with higher temperature outputs than others. Lava Heat heaters, like the three bellow with cylinder heat sources, give off minimal heat but are very popular in Los Angeles restaurants, homes and will be the hit of your party. Patio Comfort Heaters are not as mesmerizing to look at as Lava Heat but give off much more heat. 

Lava Heat Heaters resized 600    Lava Heat Heaters

Patio Comfort Heaters

Quick Facts for Patio Comfort Standing Heaters
  • Heats 10-15 foot radius
  • Matchless ignition system
  • Natural gas or Propane tank (5 gallon)
  • Has wheels and moves around easily
  • Pre-assembled

Patio Comfort 2


Hanging Heaters

One of the benefits of hanging heaters is that they do not take up floor space. Standing heaters have just about a foot in diameter base. While this is not much wasted area, the idea of hanging the heaters out of reach of any small children or animals is a plus. Hanging heaters radiate consistent heat and are powered electronically. 

Bromic Heaters resized 600

Major Brands of Hanging heaters

Bromic Patio Heaters resized 600 Bromic Heaters

Click to see more Outdoor heaters 


I hope this will help your next night with family and friends one to remember. Find us local to Southern California areas, Orange County, Los Angeles, Pasadena and San Bernardino Valley area. Check out our Mobile Website Here! For more free backyard design ideas and inspiration download your free copy of 101 Examples of Outdoor Elegance. 


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4 Outdoor Heaters To Warm Up Your Backyard

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Mon, Dec 16, 2013 @ 08:52 PM


Tis the season for long nights outside with loved ones gathered around the fire.

Temperatures are dropping and gone are the days of sitting outside on long summer warm nights. Fire pits, heaters and fireplaces are great ways to extend the use of your patio by warming up your backyard this holiday season.

Whether you are entertaining or relaxing with friends and family, these additions not only provide a warm place to gather around, but serve as the focal point in your backyard design scheme

 OW lee Bar stool fire pit resized 600


Choose a Type of Heater

There are four main products to consider that will warm up your backyard. Having just one or all of these products depends on the amount of space you are trying to heat.

  • Free Standing Heaters
  • Hanging Heaters
  • Fireplace
  • Fire Pit


A fire pit or fireplace is always where you should start. The size of a fireplace or fire pit makes it something to build around. These two products naturally become the center piece of your backyarda place to gather aroundkeep warm and catch up with family or friends.

Heaters that can be moved easier like standing or hanging heaters, are more versatile in a sense that you can move them if the location does not end up working. These types of heaters both have key qualities to fit your any type of outdoor space. Keep reading to find out which fits you! 


Plan a Location

Do you want your outdoor heater to be the centerpiece of your backyard?

Will you use this spot to entertain year round?

Is it just a warm spot to spend time outdoors?

Choosing a location is all about fitting your lifestyle. For example, do you enjoy entertaining? If so, then you may want your outdoor heater to be the center piece of your backyard to gather guests around.

Fire Pit Ocean View resized 600 


Four Outdoor Heating Products


Free Standing Heaters

Free standing heaters are versatile and convenient because they are mobile.

No matter the size or shape, free standing heaters can all be moved. Some easier than others, but usually will include a portable wheel kit.

Another great quality most standing heaters have is an all weather top. So no matter where you live, the elements do not effect the heat output.

This enables you to use your patio space in any weather or any time of the year. 

Here are a few all weather and portable free standing heaters from Patio Comfort Heaters.


Lava Heat Italia

Lava Heat Italia resized 600


Hanging Heaters 

Hanging Heaters are very popular in today's best designed restaurants and homes for a couple reasons. They give off great consistent heat and do not take up any space on your patio. Hanging heaters are great for people who do not want to clutter their space.

These heaters are fueled by gas or electricity, and are safe for indoor or outdoor spaces. There are many different sizes, styles and brands to choose from when it comes to hanging heaters.

Bromic and Twin Eagles heaters are a great place to start when trying to get an idea of what heater is right for your outdoor or indoor space. 


Bromic Heaters

Bromic Relaxing Evening resized 600


Fire Pits

No longer are home owners satisfied with a deck and barbecue. Today fire pits are preferred in majority of homes in Southern California.

Having family, friends or guests gather and make hours of memories in your backyard is what is so attractive about having a fire pit. Many of today's fire pits run off natural gas or propane. Both are very affordable and provide high temperature outputs. 

Fire Pit and Ocean resized 600


Recommended Product

O.W. Lee Casual Fireside

O.W. Lee is the leader in designing and manufacturing luxury outdoor fire pits. O.W. Lee's continued dedication to design and innovation in the fire pit industry is recognized nation wide. O.W. Lee Casual Fireside Collection has many styles and designs to fit your backyard. 

O.W. Lee Casual Fireside resized 600



Fireplaces require a bit more of a commitment than a fire pit because fireplaces are not mobile. Once you build a fireplace there is no moving it somewhere else, it must become a focal point of your outdoor space. Fireplaces built by a experienced hardscaper are works of art and can add that Wow factor to your backyard.


Fireplace Center Piece resized 600


Fireplaces are a great way to make a statement when entertaining. The addition of a little fire in your backyard or patio creates a modern and adventurous feel to any outdoor space.

Take a look at some of my favorite fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplace resized 600


What did you learn? 

When considering these four products to heat up your outdoor space, you should group them into two categories.

Fireplace/Fire Pits and Hanging Heaters/Free Standing Heaters.

All have their advantages but depending on your outdoor space's desired style and size some outdoor heating products may be less effective than others.

Download your free copy of 101 Examples of Outdoor Elegance below for more ideas on spacing your backyard!


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5 Tips To Create Your Dream Backyard

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Wed, Nov 06, 2013 @ 05:10 PM

Do you dream about extending your home's style into your yard? I am here to show you how you can get started on your outdoor room today!

What is an outdoor room? It could be an entertainment spot for friends and family, outdoor kitchen and bar or even your own personal garden escape.

Whatever you decide to use your outdoor space for, this post will help ensure it matches your home's design and your family's lifestyle.

From project start to it's completion, here are five ideas to help you create your dream backyard!


1.Visualizing Your Backyard

Spend some time getting familiar with the all the available spaces available in your backyard.

Start by cleaning out your backyard; removing all plants, tools and unnecessary storage. Next, decide what you'd like to include and what you need in the space you have cleared.

Working with a small space? Something as simple as a corner fountain and bar set can create an inviting, relaxing outdoor space. 


backyard design tips

Need help visualizing your backyard? Click to see 101 Examples of Outdoor Elegance


2. Decide What Is Important To You

Make a list of the outdoor products and accessories you'd like to include in your yard.

Ask yourself, "what is my backyard missing?" What do you enjoy doing in your home that would be more enjoyable outside? A couple of examples are cooking, reading, socializing, and exercising.

  • Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

  • Comfortable Furniture

  • Lighting & Candles

  • Entertainment (Music & TV)

  • Heaters, Fireplaces or Fire Pits

  • Fountains & Statuary

  • Landscaping

top outdoor space products

 Water fountain wall, deep seating furniture and fireplace

3. Use Hardscaping

Hardscaping can be anything from a brick pathway through your garden to a wood deck or concrete stained patio. Doing this can add structure and privacy to your outdoor space no matter what size backyard you have to work with.

Hardscaping and it's trade are considered to be works of art. Be sure to choose a experienced, highly-recommended hardscaper because their work will act an outline or skeleton for your outdoor space.

Here are a couple of beautiful hardscaping examples!


hardscape backyard

Stone pathways and gazebos are very popular, adding a nice touch to any backyard! 


hardscape backyard

A concrete path with a strip of bricks can add structure to your outdoor spaces.

4. Create Your Own Rules

This is your space, it can be anything you want it to be. You should forget conventional layouts or designs and start creating your own rules.

Who says your backyard can not be as comfortable as your living room? Don't be afraid of putting comfortable, deep seating furniture outside.

Some people believe the common misconception that this kind of furniture can quickly deteriorate outside. However, when you purchase quality outdoor furniture it is not difficult to find both comfort and durability.

Some less than practical ideas:

  • Water fountain wall

  • Outdoor wet bar

  • Unique lighting (tiki torches)

  • Creative lawn art and statues

  • Vegetable & fruit gardens

  • Rock or meditation garden

Japanese style space resized 600Japanese meditation space and garden with dining area.


Lake Furniture Wine resized 600

 Relaxing afternoon bay side on a wicker deep seating patio furniture set.

5. Create A Covered Area

Stay shaded and protect your outdoor room from mother nature with a gazebo, umbrella or awning. Even hot sunny California weather needs some moderation. 

Covered areas can be a spot to entertain, read a book or even be the center piece of your backyard.

Four reasons covering your outdoor space is important:

  1. Covered areas will extend the life of your furniture's color and fabric.

  2. With the right color and style you can add to the appeal of your backyard.

  3. Save energy by shading your deck or windows in the summer. 

  4. It increases the time you can use your backyard. Rain or shine, use your covered outdoor space anytime of the year.

Awning with Pool resized 600



I hope you've enjoyed these five ideas to help you create your dream backyard and have found some inspiration along the way!

Download a FREE copy of our latest idea book below and discover 101 beautiful outdoor spaces to inspire your own.

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20 Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Wed, Oct 23, 2013 @ 04:12 PM

Do you love spending time outside? Then your outdoor living space is probably your favorite "room" in your home. 

Our experts here at Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center put together this collection of 20 outdoor spaces to help you visuzlize and create the outdoor space you have always dreamed about.

Want to download the entire collection? Get it right here >>



hannamint patio furniture

brown jordan patio furniture

ow lee dining set

gloster patio furniture

lynx bbq grill

brown jordan patio sofas

ow lee fire pit

custom pool fountains

patio renaissance

custom pool fountain

brown jordan patio furniture

lynx bbq grill

ow lee fire pit and patio furniture

ebel patio furniture

viking outdoor grill

describe the image

fire magic grill

describe the image

gloster patio furniture

kettal patio furniture

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Essential Guide To Buying Outdoor Furniture

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Mon, Oct 21, 2013 @ 11:44 AM

Have you been dreaming about creating your perfect outdoor space? Before you spend any more time or money it is important you understand all of your options. 

What type of frame fits your style? How comfortable should my furniture to be? How long will it last? And the questions go on...

In this essential guide to buying outdoor furniture we will answer those questions and more!


1) Choosing A Frame

The frame of your outdoor furniture is what holds everything together and provides support when your furniture is being used.

There are a couple of different options available: aluminum, cast aluminum, stainless steel, wood, woven and wrought iron. Different choices give you the freedom to choose a design that matches your home and your style.

The frame determines how durable your patio furniture will be and how long it will last.


This is the most common type of outdoor furniture frame material. This is because aluminum is generally the least expensive of all metals which make aluminum furniture more affordable than other types. However, because it is more affordable, it doesn't last as long as other frame materials.

  • Light and easy to move
  • Does not rust
  • Low maintenance
  • More affordable
aluminum patio furniture


Cast Aluminum

This frame type starts as molten aluminum and is poured into a mold, not bent into shape. This allows for intricate, unique designs that aren't possible with other frame materials. Cast aluminum will often be heavy like wrought iron.

  • Does not rust or corrode
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Features intricate designs
  • Low maintenance
cast aluminum patio furniture


Stainless Steel

Outdoor furniture built using stainless offers a shiny or brushed chrome finish that stands out from other frames. It can be used in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Instead of focusing on intricate designs, stainless steel is used for modern patio furniture, usually complimented with glass or wood.

  • Shiny / modern finish
  • Light and easy to move
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can sometimes show rust
Screen Shot 2013 10 21 at 11.28.18 AM resized 600


Wicker (Woven)

When built with UV protectors and woven properly, synthetic wicker furniture can be both durable and comfortable at the same time. Because of the material synthetic wicker is made from, it will not get as hot as metal patio furniture. This is a great frame type if your are looking for a more traditional design.

  • Will not get too hot
  • Difficult to tear or rip
  • UV inhibitors add durability
  • Completely weatherproof
synthetic wicker patio furniture



While wood is naturally beautiful and comes in many finishes, it does require more maintenance than other patio furniture. Wood furniture will require brightener and sealer at least once a year to maintain it's look and durability. You should avoid soft woods like redwood and cedar as they deteriorate after only a few years while teak wood is the most durable type and popular type of wood patio furniture.

  • Classic, natural look
  • Solid and sturdy 
  • Requires regular maintenance
wood patio furniture


Wrought Iron

The most durable of all frame types is wrought iron. Because of it's weight it is very difficult to bend or break. Wrought iron furniture is usually more expensive but will last longer and have a better warranty than other materials. This frame can be used in a wide variety of designs and shapes, this is your best option if you want top notch quality and durability.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Can last 20+ years
  • Most expensive material
wrought iron patio furniture


2) Choosing A Style

Now that you know a little more about outdoor furniture frames, you will now learn about different patio furniture styles.


Patio furniture with cushions are most like your typical indoor furniture (some even use it as indoor furniture). It is soft to the touch and feels like a bed when you sit down. When you purchase quality cushions, they can be as durable and weather resistant as they are comfortable and inviting. 

  • Endless fabric choices
  • Most comfortable option
  • Can handle any weather
cushion resized 600



This material is stretched tight onto the frames of your patio furniture. While not as soft as cushions, this style of patio furniture is firm and molds to the contour of your body. Slings material can be very durable and is perfect for your pool patio because of how quickly it can dry in the sun.

  • Firm and comfortable
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Easy to move and clean
sling patio furniture



While straps are most popular among commercial patio furniture, they are not used very often for residential products. Straps are very durable but they are also the least comfortable and are prone to fading. Putting removable cushions on top of the straps can help with fading.

  • Strong and durable
  • Can add any cushions
  • Regular cleaning required
  • Should be covered during winter
strap patio furniture


3) Choosing A Set

Now that you know a little more about your frame and style options, it is time to decide which outdoor furniture set will work best for your home!

Below is a list of the most popular sets and how they can be used.

Dining Sets

From intimate dates to large parties, you will find countless options for dining sets. Tables come in oval, round, square and rectangle shapes of all sizes, materials and finishes. Dining chairs come in two options, stationary chairs and swivel chairs. 

patio dining set


Deep Seating

If you are planning on using your outdoor space for relaxation, deep seating lounge chairs, sofas, love seats and club chairs are a great way to add that extra comfort to your home. Ottomans, coffee tables and side tables are perfect compliments to deep seating sets.

deep seating patio furniture


Bar Sets

If you have an outdoor kitchen or even just a small grill, the high seating of bar sets will allow you and your guests to enjoy your backyard and it's scenery. This is the perfect set for entertaining guests when you have people standing up and speaking with others who are sitting, just like a bar or lounge!

patio bar set


Cafe Sets

If you do not have a lot of space in your backyard, a cafe set is your best option. Usually designed to accommodate 2-4 people, you can create a comfortable, space-conscious area to entertain guests.

patio cafe set


Poolside Lounge

Using reclining chairs or chaise lounges by your pool creates a resort style setting that allows you and your guests to lay in the sun after a nice swim. Sling style furniture is the most comfortable when wearing a wet bathing suit.

poolside patio set


Chat Sets

One of the fastest growing trends in outdoor furniture is chat sets. These low seated sets are perfect for casual dining and conversations. Chat sets are usually comprised of 4 chairs and a large coffee table or a fire chat pit for extra ambiance. 

patio chat set


Great! You're now on the right track to discovering the outdoor furniture you have been dreaming about. Now it's time to do a little bit of research and find which products meet your needs and match your style.

If you have any questions about this article or the products featured, please contact us and an Outdoor Elegance expert will be happy to assist you.

Or you can simply start checking out some products and see which you like best!

What do you think? Which patio furniture will work best for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Be sure to download your FREE copy of our latest eBook below!

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