Gas or Charcoal Grill This Holiday Season?

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Tue, Nov 26, 2013 @ 06:53 PM

The Holidays are here and it is the perfect time to bring out your grill and barbecue great food for friends and family!

Traditional dishes like honey glazed ham, prime rib, pork loin, beef brisket, turkey or ribs make for great holiday entrées. Cooking these dishes properly is key to a successful holiday meal and the grill you use can make all the difference.

There are a couple pros and cons to consider when deciding between a gas or charcoal grill to cook your holiday feast.

 Cook your turkey on your grill this Thanksgiving!

Gas Grills

Gas grills are the top selling grills in America for a couple reasons.

First, gas grills are convenient, efficient and heat up to cooking temperature in minutes. Second, natural gas or propane is very affordable and available.

Gas grills also have a quicker transition time from temperature to temperature giving you better control of your heat. The knock on gas grills is that they do not put out the same balance of heat as a charcoal grill. The radiant heat that comes off coals is a much hotter and balanced burn.

However, there are grill plate inserts you can install into your gas grill, that are heated by the gas flame and radiate just as much heat as coals. 

Fire Magic resized 600

Charcoal Grills

Cooking on a charcoal grill is all about the experience of fine grilling. Charcoal is wood that has been burned slowly in the absence of oxygen.

Wood produces high, steady temperatures that burn for long periods of time. Nothing compares to the flavors and tastes that are locked into your meat when cooking on a Charcoal grill or smoker. The high radiant heat given off by the charcoal encases the flavors and juices tenderizing your meat.

However, charcoal requires more attention to the temperature than a gas grill because of the high radiating heat. Cooking on a charcoal grill is about the quality of the finished product, not how fast it was prepared. 

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Here are four recipes for cooking your turkey on a Big Green Egg.


Nothing beats filling the neighborhood air with the unmistakeable mouthwatering aroma that says someone in the neighborhood is cooking something great.  

The majority of households own a gas grill, but more and more BBQ experts are choosing charcoal grills. Adding a Charcoal smoker like the Big Green Egg to your outdoor kitchen or patio gives you versatility in how your food tastes. 

Which grill do you prefer? Are you going to make the switch? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 Tips To Create Your Dream Backyard

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Wed, Nov 06, 2013 @ 05:10 PM

Do you dream about extending your home's style into your yard? I am here to show you how you can get started on your outdoor room today!

What is an outdoor room? It could be an entertainment spot for friends and family, outdoor kitchen and bar or even your own personal garden escape.

Whatever you decide to use your outdoor space for, this post will help ensure it matches your home's design and your family's lifestyle.

From project start to it's completion, here are five ideas to help you create your dream backyard!


1.Visualizing Your Backyard

Spend some time getting familiar with the all the available spaces available in your backyard.

Start by cleaning out your backyard; removing all plants, tools and unnecessary storage. Next, decide what you'd like to include and what you need in the space you have cleared.

Working with a small space? Something as simple as a corner fountain and bar set can create an inviting, relaxing outdoor space. 


backyard design tips

Need help visualizing your backyard? Click to see 101 Examples of Outdoor Elegance


2. Decide What Is Important To You

Make a list of the outdoor products and accessories you'd like to include in your yard.

Ask yourself, "what is my backyard missing?" What do you enjoy doing in your home that would be more enjoyable outside? A couple of examples are cooking, reading, socializing, and exercising.

  • Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

  • Comfortable Furniture

  • Lighting & Candles

  • Entertainment (Music & TV)

  • Heaters, Fireplaces or Fire Pits

  • Fountains & Statuary

  • Landscaping

top outdoor space products

 Water fountain wall, deep seating furniture and fireplace

3. Use Hardscaping

Hardscaping can be anything from a brick pathway through your garden to a wood deck or concrete stained patio. Doing this can add structure and privacy to your outdoor space no matter what size backyard you have to work with.

Hardscaping and it's trade are considered to be works of art. Be sure to choose a experienced, highly-recommended hardscaper because their work will act an outline or skeleton for your outdoor space.

Here are a couple of beautiful hardscaping examples!


hardscape backyard

Stone pathways and gazebos are very popular, adding a nice touch to any backyard! 


hardscape backyard

A concrete path with a strip of bricks can add structure to your outdoor spaces.

4. Create Your Own Rules

This is your space, it can be anything you want it to be. You should forget conventional layouts or designs and start creating your own rules.

Who says your backyard can not be as comfortable as your living room? Don't be afraid of putting comfortable, deep seating furniture outside.

Some people believe the common misconception that this kind of furniture can quickly deteriorate outside. However, when you purchase quality outdoor furniture it is not difficult to find both comfort and durability.

Some less than practical ideas:

  • Water fountain wall

  • Outdoor wet bar

  • Unique lighting (tiki torches)

  • Creative lawn art and statues

  • Vegetable & fruit gardens

  • Rock or meditation garden

Japanese style space resized 600Japanese meditation space and garden with dining area.


Lake Furniture Wine resized 600

 Relaxing afternoon bay side on a wicker deep seating patio furniture set.

5. Create A Covered Area

Stay shaded and protect your outdoor room from mother nature with a gazebo, umbrella or awning. Even hot sunny California weather needs some moderation. 

Covered areas can be a spot to entertain, read a book or even be the center piece of your backyard.

Four reasons covering your outdoor space is important:

  1. Covered areas will extend the life of your furniture's color and fabric.

  2. With the right color and style you can add to the appeal of your backyard.

  3. Save energy by shading your deck or windows in the summer. 

  4. It increases the time you can use your backyard. Rain or shine, use your covered outdoor space anytime of the year.

Awning with Pool resized 600



I hope you've enjoyed these five ideas to help you create your dream backyard and have found some inspiration along the way!

Download a FREE copy of our latest idea book below and discover 101 beautiful outdoor spaces to inspire your own.

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20 Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

Posted by Doug Sanicola on Wed, Oct 23, 2013 @ 04:12 PM

Do you love spending time outside? Then your outdoor living space is probably your favorite "room" in your home. 

Our experts here at Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center put together this collection of 20 outdoor spaces to help you visuzlize and create the outdoor space you have always dreamed about.

Want to download the entire collection? Get it right here >>



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101 examples of outdoor elegance call to action

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